Fender Rumble Studio 40

Fender Rumble Studio 40 Stage 800 User Manual USB CONNECTIVITY

Fender Rumble Studio 40

The Rumble Studio 40/Stage 800 rear panel features a USB audio port for recording. Using a micro USB cable (not included), connect a computer with recording software to this port. No external driver is needed to connect to an Apple computer. To connect to a Windows-based computer, the user must download the ASIO driver setup with the Fender Mustang device, available at https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/214343123How-do-I-know-which-ASIO-Driver-to-use-.

Note that the AMP SETTINGS menu (see page 57) includes a gain control specifically for use when recording using the rear-panel USB audio port. Note also that USB audio and Bluetooth audio streaming (see page 41) can not be used simultaneously.

Close-up detail of rear-panel USB port.

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