Fender Rumble Studio 40

Fender Rumble Studio 40 Stage 800 User Manual MENU FUNCTIONS

Fender Rumble Studio 40

Just to the right of the ENCODER is a vertical column of four utility buttons. The third one down is the MENU utility button, which enables access to a variety of Rumble Studio 40/Stage 800 special functions (see illustration below). These functions are referenced elsewhere in this manual; all are listed and briefly described here.

After pressing the MENU utility button, use the ENCODER to scroll through and select one of Rumble Studio 40/Stage 800’s 10 different MENU functions. These functions are:

SETLIST: For creation and use of Setlists containing user-selected groups of presets (see pages 34-37).

CLOUD PRESETS: Enables cloud preset storage and use (see pages 59-60).

TUNER: Enables use of Rumble Studio 40/Stage 800’s built-in chromatic tuner (see page 43).

GLOBAL EQ: Enables access to different equalization curves for easier adjustment of overall amp response to different acoustic environments (see page 58).

FOOTSWITCH: For selection of MGT-4 footswitch and EXP-1 Expression Pedal (see pages 45-56).

AMP SETTINGS: Enables restoration of factory presets and amplifier settings (see page 57).

ABOUT THIS AMP: Displays the amp’s current firmware version (see page 60).

WIFI: For turning WiFi on/off, selecting and connecting to a network, and adding a password (see pages 38-40).

BLUETOOTH: For accessing and using Rumble Studio 40/Stage 800’s Bluetooth functionality (see pages 41-42).

PRESET ORGANIZER: For moving, renaming and clearing presets; and for restoring all presets to original factory settings (see pages 6-9).

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