Sonos CONNECT:AMP User Manual CONNECT:AMP front


On / off

Sonos is designed to be always on; the system uses minimal electricity whenever it is not playing music. To quickly stop streaming audio in all rooms, select Pause All from Rooms. To stop streaming audio in one room, press the Play/Pause button on the CONNECT:AMP.

Status indicator

Indicates the current status. During normal operation the white light is dimly lit. If desired, you can turn off the white light from Room Settings.

See Player status indicators for a complete list of status indications.


Toggles between playing and pausing the audio in this room (defaults to restarting the same music source when pressed unless a different source is selected).

  • Press once to start or stop streaming audio

  • Press twice to skip to the next track (if applicable to the selected music source)

  • Press three times to skip to the previous track (if applicable to the selected music source)

Volume up (+) Volume down (-)

Press these buttons to adjust the volume up and down.

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