Sonos CONNECT:AMP User Manual CONNECT:AMP back


Ethernet ports (2)

You can use an Ethernet cable (supplied) to connect to a router, computer, or additional network device such as a network-attached storage (NAS) device.

LED indicators:

  • Green (link connection)

  • Flashing Yellow (network activity)

Right speaker terminals

Use high-quality speaker wire to connect the right speaker to the


Left speaker terminals

Use high-quality speaker wire to connect the left speaker to the


Voltage select

100 – 120V~ / 220 – 240V~ 50 – 60 Hz Select the appropriate voltage setting for your country.

AC power (mains) input

Use only the supplied power cord to connect to a power outlet (using a third party power cord will void your warranty).

Analog audio in

You may use a standard RCA audio cable to connect the CONNECT:AMP’s analog audio inputs to the audio outputs from a separate audio component, such as a CD player or a portable music player.

Subwoofer output

Note: If you disconnect your subwoofer, make sure to also disconnect the subwoofer’s cable from the CONNECT:AMP output.

You may connect a powered subwoofer to this output using a standard RCA cable. The system will detect when a cable is connected to the subwoofer output and adjust the crossover frequency automatically.

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