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GoPro Omni User Manual SETUP MODE

GoPro Omni

Setup mode contains settings for wireless and settings to customize your camera . For instructions on how to change the following settings, see Navigating Settings Menus.


For Omni, this setting applies only to the primary camera. Wireless must be off for all secondary cameras.

When the primary camera’s Wireless is on, a Wireless status icon appears on the camera status screen and the blue wireless lights on the camera blink intermittently. The default setting for Wireless is off.




Lets you pair your primary camera to a GoPro remote. For more information, see (<>)Smart Remote (page 40).


After pairing, Mode lets you connect the primary camera to a GoPro remote.


PRO TIP: If you forgot your camera’s name or password, use the Camera Reset setting (Reset Wi-Fi option) in the primary camera’s Setup mode to reset them to the defaults. The default password is goprohero.


You can select the capture mode that appears when the camera powers on. The options are Video, Time Lapse Video and Single Photo.


This setting determines which camera status lights (red) to activate. The options for this setting are 4 (top, bottom, front, back), 2 (front and back), or off (none). The default setting is 4.


Note: The Wireless status light (blue) is always activated unless you select off for this setting.


You can set the volume for the sound indicators to be 100% (default), 70% or off.


The Video Format setting governs frame rates for recording and playback when viewing video on a TV/HDTV.



NTSC (default)

Viewing video in North America


Viewing video on a PAL TV/HDTV (most televisions outside of North America)


This setting lets you set the date and time. If the battery is removed from the camera for an extended period of time, you must reset the date and time.


This setting lets you delete the last file, or delete all files and format the memory card. Deleting all files is useful after you transfer your files to your computer and want to make room on your memory card for more content. LED lights blink until the operation is complete.


NOTICE: If you select All/Format, the memory card is reformatted, which deletes every file on the card. If you select this option from the primary camera, memory cards in all cameras are reformatted.


With this setting, you can reset your camera’s settings to their default values. This option retains the Date/Time setting, and remote control pairing.

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