Fender Mustang GT40

Fender Mustang GT40 GT100 GT200 User Manual MENU FUNCTIONS

Fender Mustang GT40

Just to the right of the ENCODER is a vertical column of four utility buttons. The third one down is the MENU utility button, which enables access to a variety of Mustang GT special functions (see illustration below). These functions are referenced elsewhere in this manual; all are listed and briefly described here.

After pressing the MENU utility button, use the ENCODER to scroll through and select one of Mustang GT’s 10 different MENU functions. These functions are:

SETLISTS: For creation and use of Setlists containing user-selected groups of presets (see pages 26-28).

WIFI: For turning WiFi on/off, selecting and connecting to a network, and adding a password (see pages 28-30).

BLUETOOTH: For accessing and using Mustang GT’s Bluetooth functionality (see page 31).

TUNER: Enables use of Mustang GT’s built-in chromatic tuner (see page 32).

QUICK ACCESS: Enables selection of three presets using the MGT-4 footswitch in Quick Access (“QA”) mode (see page 35-36).

EXP-1 SETUP: Enables configuration of EXP-1 Expression Pedal globally and for specific presets (see pages 41-44).

AMP SETTINGS: Enables restoration of factory presets and amplifier settings (see page 45).

GLOBAL EQ: Enables access to different equalization curves for easier adjustment of overall amp response to different acoustic environments (see page 46).

CLOUD PRESETS: Enables cloud preset storage and use (see pages 47-48).

ABOUT THIS AMP: Displays the amp’s current firmware version (see page 48).

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