Fender Mustang GT40

Fender Mustang GT40 GT100 GT200 User Manual FENDER TONE™ APP

Fender Mustang GT40

Fender Tone—the ultimate companion app for Mustang GT amplifiers—is available as a free download from the Apple App Store (iPhone) and Google Play Store (Android). Fender Tone users can have convenient control over existing Mustang GT functions, plus access to additional content from Fender and the Fender Tone user community. These include:

  • Preset searching, navigation, filtering and selection

  • Creation and sharing of new presets

  • Preset signal path editing, re-ordering, additions and deletions

  • Amp and effects model parameter adjustments

  • Browse, search and download official Fender presets, artist signature presets, player presets, genre presets and more

  • Tone tips for signal path basics, amp models, effects types and more

  • Creation, selection and management of Setlists (personalized preset groupings)

  • Management of user accounts, product registration, WiFi settings and Bluetooth settings

  • EQ setting adjustments

  • Tuner functions

Browse presets and learn more about Fender Tone at http://tone.fender.com.

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