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Fender Mustang GT40 GT100 GT200 User Manual CLOUD PRESETS

Fender Mustang GT40

“Cloud Presets” is a MENU utility button function (see page 25) that gives the user access to an entire world of presets other than those already found in the amp, including featured presets, artist presets and more. Through the amplifier’s WiFi connectivity, users can preview, play, download and share a wealth of cloud-stored Fender presets that enormously expand Mustang GT’s creative possibilities.

To begin using Cloud Presets, press the MENU utility button (yellow arrow in illustration below) and use the ENCODER to scroll to and select “CLOUD PRESETS” from the menu shown (green arrow).

After selecting “CLOUD PRESETS” from the menu, follow the instructions in the DISPLAY WINDOW to enter a log-in code, which the user obtains online by going to tone.fender.com and clicking on “Set Up Amp” (see illustration below). The code only needs to be entered once; the user remains logged in once the code is entered. Use the ENCODER to enter each code character (as shown on page 6).

Once logged in, use the ENCODER to browse cloud preset categories (see illustration below).

Once a cloud preset category is selected by pressing the ENCODER on it, scroll through list of presets shown (yellow arrow in illustration below). The highlighted preset will automatically be played/previewed. To add a highlighted preset to the amp, press the SAVE utility button (green arrow).

To view or edit the individual contents of the highlighted cloud preset before saving it to the amp as described above, press the ENCODER on it (see illustration below).

When viewing or editing the contents of a cloud preset before saving it to the amp, the DISPLAY WINDOW will show the contents of the preset along with a green “cloud” symbol (in place of the number that accompanies the onboard presets). The green cloud identifies the preset as a cloud preset that has not been saved to the amp. Edits can be made to the cloud preset as they would to any onboard preset. When edits are complete, press the SAVE utility button to save the edited cloud preset to the amp. Note that if the user scrolls to the next or previous preset while on a cloud preset, the cloud preset will disappear since it is not saved to amp (see illustration below).

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