Sonos PLAYBASE User Manual TV placement guidelines


The PLAYBASE can be placed either under your TV or on a shelf.

Under TV with single foot stand

  • Lift the TV and put PLAYBASE under it with the Sonos logo facing front.

  • Make sure the TV stand rests completely on the PLAYBASE with no overhang.

  • Your TV should not weigh more than 77 lbs.

  • Allow at least 1” between PLAYBASE and other surfaces, such as walls or cabinets.

Under TV with split foot stand

  • PLAYBASE accommodates most TVs with separate feet near the edges of the screen. It will fit securely between the feet, below the screen.

  • Feet must be at least 2.3” (58mm) tall to allow for PLAYBASE clearance.

  • If the feet are too close together or they’re not quite high enough, don’t try to force your PLAYBASE to fit.

On a TV cabinet shelf

  • For the best sound, place PLAYBASE toward the front of the furniture but DON’T let it hang over the edge.

  • Allow at least 2” all around the PLAYBASE.


Note: Don’t place objects lighter than 5 lbs. (2.3 kgs) on top of your PLAYBASE or the sound may send them flying.

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