Sonos PLAYBASE User Manual Set it up


PLAYBASE is compatible with Sonos software versions 7.2 and later. If you are adding the PLAYBASE to an existing Sonos system, be sure to check for software updates before adding the PLAYBASE.

  1. Carefully unpack the box.

  2. Choose a location for the PLAYBASE (refer to the TV placement guidelines for help).

  3. Remove the protective cap from each end of the optical audio cable.

  4. Connect the optical audio cable (supplied) from your TV’s digital audio out (optical) to the PLAYBASE’s digital audio in (optical) being careful not to twist or bend the cable. The PLAYBASE digital audio in and the optical cable are ’D-shaped’—make sure they align for proper insertion.


    IMPORTANT: Be sure to remove the protective caps from each end of the supplied optical audio cable.

  5. Attach the power cord to the PLAYBASE and plug it in, making sure to push the power cord all the way into the PLAYBASE. The status indicator light on top will begin to flash.

  6. (OPTIONAL) If you are setting up your PLAYBASE with a SUB and/or surround speakers, put them where you want them and plug them in. (You’ll be prompted to add these after you’ve got the PLAYBASE set up.)


    Note: Expandable PLAYBASE home theater setup

    For a 3.1 home theater experience, pair a SUB with your PLAYBASE.
    For a 5.0 home theater experience, set up two PLAY:1, PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 (gen2) as surround speakers with your PLAYBASE.
    For a 5.1 home theater experience, pair a SUB and two PLAY:1, PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 (gen2) speakers with your PLAYBASE.

  7. Open the Sonos app (see Sonos App for download information).


    Note: Sonos recommends you use the Sonos app on a mobile device instead of a computer to set up your PLAYBASE.

    If you’re setting up a new Sonos system, add your Sonos products in the following order:

    • If you have a Sonos product connected to your router, add it first.

    • Add the PLAYBASE.

    • Add any additional Sonos products you purchased.

    If you’re adding to an existing Sonos system:

    • Check to see if there’s a Sonos software update available. If you see one, please update your Sonos system before adding the PLAYBASE. (PLAYBASE is compatible with Sonos software versions 7.2 and later).

    • Add the PLAYBASE by selecting Add a Player or SUB from the Settings menu.

    • Add any other Sonos products you purchased.
      You may be prompted to update the new Sonos product(s) after you add them.


Note: Thick walls, 2.4 GHz cordless telephones, or the presence of other wireless devices can interfere with or block the wireless network signals from Sonos. If you’re experiencing difficulty, you can try one of these—relocate the Sonos product; change the wireless channel your music system is operating on; connect a Sonos product to your router if your setup is currently wireless.

If you need help—

  • Turning off your television’s speakers, see Turn off your television’s speakers.

  • Configuring a remote control to work with your PLAYBASE, see Set up a remote control.

  • Getting rid of the message that appears when you adjust the volume, see Eliminate annoying messages on your TV when using a cable, satellite, or set top box remote or Eliminate annoying messages on your TV when using a universal remote.

  • Playing music through the PLAYBASE, see Play music

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