Sonos PLAYBASE User Manual PLAYBASE Front



Your Sonos system is designed to stay on; when you’re not using it, Sonos uses minimal electricity.

  • To quickly stop the music everywhere, touch Pause All from the Rooms menu in the Sonos app.

  • To stop the audio in just one room, you can touch the Play/Pause button on the speaker.


Toggles between playing and pausing audio.

  • When the TV is on, touch once to mute the sound.

  • When the TV is off, touch once to restart the music that was playing before the TV was turned on.

Status Indicator Light

Indicates the current status. During normal operation the white light is dimly lit, brightening when touch controls are activated. If you don’t want to see it, you can turn the white light off from Room Settings.

Volume Up (+) Volume Down (-)

The Volume Up touch control is on the right; Volume Down on the left. To change the volume quickly when you’re listening to music, you can touch and hold.

Next track Previous track

Swipe left to right between the touch controls to get to the next track; swipe right to left to hear the previous track.

(Next/Previous touch controls don’t work when you’re listening to a radio station.)

IR (InfraRed) Sensors / Signal Lights

The IR sensor receives the signals sent by a remote control. When the PLAYBASE receives a volume or mute command, the IR signal light displays momentarily.

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