Sonos CONNECT User Manual Sonos CONNECT


The Sonos CONNECT™ is designed to be used with an external amplifier. It contains both analog and digital outputs so you can easily connect it to your existing audio equipment.

  • Use a CONNECT to listen to music in a room where you already have an amplifier, such as your home theater system or the stereo system in your family room.

  • Use a CONNECT to listen to music in your home office where you already have a computer or a pair of powered speakers.

  • Use a CONNECT if you have a distributed audio system that is driven from an amplifier in one central location with speaker wires home-run to this central location.

New to Sonos?

It takes just a few steps to get Sonos up and running—simply follow the setup instructions packaged with your CONNECT. Once you’ve got it set up, you can add additional Sonos products any time.

Adding to an existing Sonos system?

Sonos can be easily expanded room by room. You can turn directly to Adding to an existing Sonos system if you are adding this CONNECT to an existing Sonos system.

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