Toshiba SG20 Specifications

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. Magnia SG20 New in version 2.6 of the SG20 software image is the ability to establish a Product Highlights: SG20 to SG20 IPSec VPN. This will allow the creation of a secure tunnel Simple Ò Fast Ò Connected between a remote location SG20 and the home office SG20 or between two • Sealed System: The operating system, along with all of the applications and small/medium offices equipped with SG20’s. hardware, are built in and ready to go straight out of the box. Remote Dial-In Access • Simple, automatic, web-based setup and network configuration Users may dial in to the appliance server using the built-in modem to • Offers the hardware features you need that benefit the way you do business seamlessly interact from remote locations. and home networking. Available Languages • Built-in Wi-Fi™ Access Point capability & 7-port switch for network United States English, (Standard) creation French, Generic/common • Ethernet WAN Port (10/100 Auto sensing) and 56K modem for connecting German, Generic/common to your Internet service provider Spanish, (Spain) Dutch, Generic/common Italian, Generic/common Product Specifications Digital Central Digital Photo Album Features Your Magnia SG20 includes an application to manage centrally stored Included Services, Software & Solutions digital pictures (JPEG) and digital videos. Simple Network Configuration Video Camera Monitoring & Recording Automatically configure your network to use DHCP, DNS, NAT, and Web Your Magnia SG20 includes an application that provides the ability to view Services. and record activity from digital video cameras (purchased separately). Email Services Once installed, you can view the video activity from these cameras on any Standard (POP3) email delivery and retrieval that works with standard computer within the Magnia SG20 network or from remote locations using email programs such as Microsoft™ Outlook® or Netscape™ the included Virtual Private Networking (VPN) service. The Magnia SG20 Communicator®. can monitor and record up to four cameras. Intranet Digital Jukebox Create an personalized Intranet – without learning to program HTML – by Your Magnia SG20 includes the capability to store and organize digital managing the pre-configured templates included with the Magnia SG20. music (MP3 and WMA file formats). The Magnia SG20 can deliver music Security to: Any wired or wireless connected computer or supported Pocket PC Packet filter & IP tables Firewall protects company data from Internet device, as well as through the Voyetra® Turtle Beach® AudioTron™ intrusion. (purchased separately) to your home stereo system. Cross-platform File Sharing Windows® and Mac OS® users can exchange information with the Magnia Upgrades or Optional 3rd-party Services Offerings Health Status Monitoring SG20 using file sharing services. Toshiba can monitor your Magnia SG20 for non-standard operation and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) will contact the administrator in case action needs to be taken. Health Use the 128-bit SSL protected support for file transfers to and from the Status Monitoring is available from Monday through Friday from 05:00 Internet with the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) application. AM to 05:00 PM PST excluding holidays. Enhanced Backup and Restore The Magnia SG20 includes an application for file backup and restore. The Operating System application can backup and restore files to/from a backup device connected Operating System: Based on Red Hat Version 7.3 to a networked client computer, to a shared directory or through secure FTP Hardware Features to Toshiba’s Internet-based storage service (fee based). Chassis Second Hard Disk Drive Configuration Tool-less removal of hard drives for quick, easy access to the hard drives. The second hard drive (optional) can be configured for additional storage Provision for Kensington Lock to secure the hard drives and for securing the capacity or it can be configured to be an exact copy of the primary hard Magnia SG20 to a fixture to prevent theft. drive. Ethernet Switch Web Caching The Magnia SG20 includes a built-in 7-port switch. The seventh port can be The Magnia SG20’s Web caching feature keeps commonly accessed web either used as a straight through or crossover link. Each port is auto-sensing site information on hard drives to improve performance of Internet access 10/100 Mb/second. by reducing the traffic across the Internet network. Processor & Chipset Content Filtering Intel 566MHz Celeron with 128KB L2 Cache Built-in application that allows administrator to restrict access to specific VIA Apollo 133A Chipset with VT82C686B Web sites, or to sites that contain certain phrases or words in their domain Memory name. Content filtering can be useful when you wish to regulate access to Slots: 2 PC100 DIMM areas of the Internet by users of your local network.Internet Connectivity Standard: Un-buffered ECC SDRAM 128MB Connect to the Internet via the built-in 56K Modem or auto-sensing 10/100 Configure-To-Order Available Memory Options: 128MB, 256MB. Ethernet WAN port. The 10/100 Ethernet WAN Port can connect to Memory is available up to 512MB with Custom Configurations (memory can broadband Internet service from a Corporate LAN, a DSL line, or a Cable not be upgraded by the user). line. Internet Connection requires a customer provided Internet Service Storage Media Provider. A DSL or Cable Internet Connection requires an external router Two available 2.5-inch EIDE drive bays accessible from the top with a slide or broadband modem to use the Public Ethernet port (not included). off cover. Virtual Private Networking The Magnia SG20 must include at least one hard drive; the second hard drive Virtual Private Networking is certified only for client computers running is optional and can be used for additional storage or as a backup of the Microsoft® Windows™ operating systems. primary hard drive. The Virtual Private Network requires the Magnia SG20 be connected to the The Magnia SG20 must have 2 hard drives with the same capacity (you Internet using the Public WAN Ethernet port. cannot mix a 20GB hard drive with a 40GB hard drive). Set up a secure tunnel across the Internet from remote client computers to Choice of Hard Drives: the Local Area Network created by the Magnia SG20. The Magnia SG20 1. 20GB 4,200RPM 2.5-inch ATA/EIDE SMART, or can manage a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) Virtual Private 2. 40GB 4,200RPM 2.5-inch ATA/EIDE SMART Network with authorized users. Toshiba has also created a setup program Network Interface Input/Output Ports & Devices wizard the will configure client computers running Microsoft® Windows™ Ethernet LAN Network Interface based operating systems to communicate over the Internet with the LAN 10MB/100Mb Auto configuration through the VPN. 1 public WAN RJ-45 port 7 private LAN RJ-45 ports Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. 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Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. 1 private RJ-45 uplink port (for expansion) serves as the alternative to the seventh private LAN port. Warranty & Service Support Services Wireless LAN Network Interface SWP-AQQM1V 1 Year of Health Status Monitoring Access Point capable per IEEE 802.11b standard using optional Wireless SWP-AEQQ2V Extends 1 Year Standard Warranty to 2 Years LAN PCMCIA Card. SWP-AEQN2V 1st/2nd Year On-site Repair, next business day response General I/O and warranty extension coverage. 16-character x 2-line backlit LCD with Scroll Button on the front of the machine 1 25-pin D-SUB Connector (Centronics capable) “Microsoft” and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft 1 RJ-11 V.90 DSP Modem Port Corporation. “Intel,” “Pentium,” “Celeron,” are registered trademarks of Intel Power Button (front) Corporation. Reset Button (rear) Administrator Password Reset Button (rear) Power Supply 100V-240V 50/60Hz Maximum Power Consumption 50 Watts Measurements & Weight Width: 13.375in (339.90mm) Depth: 10.625in (269.88mm) Height: 2.625in (67.40mm) Weight: 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) Temperature Range Operating +10 to +35° C Shipping -30 to +70° C Acoustic Noise 45 dB Maximum Relative Humidity Operating 30-80% Shipping 20-90% Compliance Product Safety • UL 1950 • CSA 950 • 72/23/EEC (Low Voltage Directive) for CE Mark EMI • FCC Part 15 Class B • ICES-003 Class B • 89/336/EEC (EMC Directive) (EN55022 Class B) for CE Mark Modem • FCC Part 68 • R&TTE • UL/cUL • CTR21 • Industry Canada Warranty Standard Warranty 1-year next business day delivery of replacement parts (customer replaceable units), 1-year of toll-free technical support Monday-Friday 5:00AM to 8:00 PM PST. Part Numbers Systems SMB Versions SYU3791W-00101 SG20 Std Ch, v2.6, 128MB RAM, 1 - 20GB HDD SYU3791W-00102 SG20 Std Ch, v2.6, 128MB RAM, 2 - 20GB HDD SYU3791W-00103 SG20 Std Ch, v2.6, 128MB RAM, 1 - 40GB HDD SYU3791W-00104 SG20 Std Ch, v2.6, 128MB RAM, 2 - 40GB HDD SG20 Std Ch, v2.6, 128MB RAM, 1 - 20GB HDD, SYU3791W-001W1 Wireless 802.11b SG20 Std Ch, v2.6, 128MB RAM, 2 - 20GB HDD, SYU3791W-001W2 Wireless 802.11b SG20 Std Ch, v2.6, 128MB RAM, 1 - 40GB HDD, SYU3791W-001W3 Wireless 802.11b SG20 Std Ch, v2.6, 128MB RAM, 2 - 40GB HDD, SYU3791W-001W4 Wireless 802.11b Options DKU3906A-U0002 20GB 2.5in IDE HDD w/image v2.6 DKU3907A-U0002 40GB 2.5in IDE HDD w/image v2.6 8484415560-00 128-bit Wi-Fi® PCMCIA Wireless Card Toshiba America Information Systems Inc. ("TAIS") shall not be liable for damages of any kind for use of this information, which is subject to change without notice. Copyright 2002 TAIS magnia_SG20.doc Created on 2/7/2003 6:42 PM Page 2 of 2