Yuneec CGO4 Gimbal Camera Manual

Monday, July 17, 2017

Damping Carbon Plate Damping Plate INSTALLING THE CGO4 DAMPING PLATE STEP 1) Install the CGO4 rubber dampers(4 pcs) into the four outermost ends of the damping carbon plates. Damping Plate STEP 2) Place the damping plate right below the damping carbon plate. Make sure the flat surface facing towards the damping carbon plate. STEP 3) Install the four CGO4 rubber dampers Dowels (previously mentioned) into the damping plate. STEP 4) Screw the four dowels on the correspond- Damping Carbon Plate ing rubber dampers to fix the entire damping device. Damping Plate CAUTION: Make sure the damping plate is installed correctly, otherwise it might fall off Rubber Dampers from the aircraft.