Frigidaire FRP15E2Y2R Specifications

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) Air Conditioner / FRP15E2Y2R Electric Heater Product Dimensions Height 16" Width 42" Depth 13-13/16" More Easy-To-Use Features Comfort Control Design Simple controls allow guests to customize their settings, while quiet, uniform air movement keeps rooms comfortable. Smart Self-Check Provides nine diagnostic points for self- check and correction of fault conditions. Eco-Friendly Frigidaire® uses R-410A refrigerant that’s not harmful to the earth’s ozone layer and meets U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements. Effortless™ Operation Simple, intuitive room controls are easy for guests to operate — ensuring a relaxing, more comfortable stay. Features like Effortless™ Restart and Ready-Select® controls reduce maintenance calls. Performance BTUs Cool 15,000 / 14,600 Electric Heater 10,200 / 8,300 Signature Features SilentDesign™ Energy-Saver Option Sound reduction package. This function effortlessly maximizes energy efficiency while keeping guests comfortable. Effortless™ Maintenance Effortless™ Temperature With Frigidaire’s reputation for durability, Control easy maintenance, availability of reliable Frigidaire® air conditioners maintain the parts and service you can count on, preset room temperature so the room you can be sure that you’re getting the remains comfortable at all times and highest-quality performance. helps control energy levels.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) FRP15E2Y2R Air Conditioner / Electric Heater Performance BTU (Cool) 15,000 / 14,600 PTAC Nomenclature BTU (Electric Heater) 10,200 / 8,300 Dehumidification (Pints / Hour) 3.5 F R P 90 E T T 2 R Cool Area (Sq. Ft.) 875 Energy Efficiency Ratio 9.3 / 9.42 Frigidaire Electrical Voltage Room Volts 230 / 208 2= 230/208V PTAC 3= 265V RAC P-TAC Models Amps (Cool) 6.7 / 7.5 Amps (Electric Heater) 6.7 / 7.5 BTU Design Year Watts (Cool) 1,530 / 1,510 Frigidaire Baseline 77= 7,700 T= 2010 Watts (Electric Heater) 3,000 / 2,452 90= 9,000 U= 2011 Cable Included Yes 12= 12,000 Y= 2016 Length of Power Cord 5.5' 15= 15,000 Circuit Breaker 20A Platform Plug Type (NEMA) LCDI (6-20P) Heat Type Features E= Electric Electronic Controls Ready-Select® Controls P= Heat Pump Front Desk Control Ready Yes Fan Speeds (Cool / Fan / Heat) 3 / 3 / 3 R= Normal no accessories Noise Level Indoors (High / Med / Low) 53 / 52 / 51 A= Seacoast no accessories Quiet Start-Up Yes S= Normal w/ accessories Low Voltage Start-Up Yes B= Seacoast w/ accessories Random Restart Protection Yes Effortless™ Auto Freeze Protection Yes Energy Save Yes 24-Hour On / Off Timer Yes Air CFM (High / Med / Low) 341 / 323 / 305 Air Direction Control Auxiliary 2-Way Air Intake Fresh or Recycled Filter Type Nylon Mesh Filter Access Slide-Out Fin Coating Normal Slide-Out Chassis Yes Commercial Grade Warranty1 Yes A Certifications Safety Certification UL, CUL & CSA Performance AHRI & CEC Specifications Refrigerant R410a C B Charge 38.09 oz. Shipping Weight (Approx.) 141 Lbs. Warranty 5 year sealed system / 1 year full parts and labor. 1 Plug Type (NEMA) 6-20P NOTE: For planning purposes only. Always consult local and national electric codes. Refer to Product Installation Guide for detailed installation instructions on the web at Product Dimensions Wall Cutout Dimensions A - Height 16" Height 16-5/16" B - Width 42" Width 42-3/16" C - Depth 13-13/16" Max. Wall Thickness 13-13/16"2 2 Unless the PTAC unit is installed with a wall sleeve. Accessories information available on the web at USA • 10200 David Taylor Drive • Charlotte, NC 28262 • 1-866-942-1567 • Specifications CANADA • 5855 Terry Fox Way • Mississauga, ON L5V 3E4 • 1-866-942-1567 • subject to change. FRP15E2Y2R 12/15 © 2015 Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) FRP15E2Y2R Air Conditioner / Electric Heater Rearward Slope Wall Sleeve Adapter 1/4" Slope Accessory Outdoor Grille Front Panel Accessory Wall Sleeve Outside Wall Inside Wall Chassis Product Dimensions Wall Cutout Dimensions Height 16" Height 16-5/16" Width 42" Width 42-3/16" Depth 13-13/16" Max. Wall Thickness 13-13/16" Plug Type (NEMA) 6-20P PTAC Specifications Replacement Installation • Product Shipping Weight (approx.) – 141 Lbs. • When replacing existing PTAC with new unit, refer to Product • An electrical supply with grounded three-prong receptacle is required. Installation Guide on web to identify existing wall-sleeve manufacturer The power supply circuit must be installed in accordance with current and size compatibility. If proper installation and slope are suspect, edition of National Electrical Code (ANSI/NFPA 70) then correct installation of Frigidaire® PTAC Sleeve options and local codes & ordinances. recommended. • Voltage Rating – 230V / 208V / 60 Hz / 20 Amps • For any sleeve retrofit application, be sure that the foam seals • Amps @ 230/208V Volts = (factory-installed on the tube sheets) provide a good seal between (Cool) 6.7 / 7.5 Amps / (Electric Heater) 6.7 / 7.5 Amps the grille and the outdoor coil tube sheets. These foam seals provide a barrier that stops air from the inside mixing with air on the outside • Always consult local and national electric codes. (known as air recirculation). • Recommended Circuit Breaker – 20 Amps • Using Frigidaire® wall sleeve with Non-Frigidaire grille requires • Unit equipped with 230/208V 3-wire power supply cord, NEMA plug installation of an Accessory Baffle Kit, which ensures a good seal type 6-20P, approximately 66" long. between the unit and exterior grille to prevent air recirculation. Air • In order for condensate water to drain properly inside the unit, the recirculation is a large contributor to performance loss and premature sleeve must be installed properly: Level from right to left with a slight damage to major components. 1/4" rearward pitch from the indoor side to the outdoor side as shown in the illustration above. Refer to the Installation Instructions on the web. Note: For planning purposes only. Refer to Product Installation Guide on the web at for detailed instructions. • The drain kit listed on the Frigidaire® PTAC Accessories page can be used for an internal or external drain. This applies to new and *See Frigidaire® PTAC accessories pages attached for optional accessories. replacement installation. New Installation • For new installation, Frigidaire® PTAC Sleeves are available and recommended for proper installation. See accessories pages for sleeve options.* • Standard PTAC installation requires 13-13/16" maximum wall thickness, unless a wall sleeve is used. • If the PTAC unit protrudes more than 4", then it is suggested that it be installed with a subbase. See accessories pages for subbase options. USA • 10200 David Taylor Drive • Charlotte, NC 28262 • 1-866-942-1567 • Specifications CANADA • 5855 Terry Fox Way • Mississauga, ON L5V 3E4 • 1-866-942-1567 • subject to change. FRP15E2Y2R 12/15 © 2015 Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) ACCESSORIES Metal Wall Sleeves and Accessories Polymer Wall Sleeves The electro-galvanized steel used to make this metal sleeve resists The universal polymer wall sleeve utilizes fiberglass reinforced corrosion. The white powder coating matches the color of the Frigidaire® polyester compound to produce a durable, non-corrosive, wall case PTAC. Sliding keyhole grille attachments at the back enable easy, one- that provides superior sound absorption, reduces heat loss, and person installation from the inside. prevents sleeve sweating. 5304482701 — Steel Wall Sleeve, Insulated 5308815302 — Polymer Wall Sleeve, Insulated 5308815301 — Polymer Wall Sleeve, Non-Insulated This extended width wall sleeve is fully insulated and made of galvanized steel. It is welded and protected with baked-on enamel. Welded areas are protected with a sealing compound to prevent rust. 5304483759 — Metal Wall Sleeve Extension, Insulated, 16" 5308815304 — Metal Wall Sleeve Extension, Insulated, 18" 5308815305 — Metal Wall Sleeve Extension, Insulated, 24" 5304483760 — Metal Wall Sleeve 3" Adapter Polymer Grilles The polymeric architectural outdoor grille blends with most building exteriors. Its durable design offers protection, has an enhanced appearance and provides superior weather resistance. 5308815310 — Polymer Architectural Outdoor Grille, Brown 5308815312 — Polymer Architectural Outdoor Grille, Alpine Aluminum Grilles The extruded aluminum outdoor grille will enhance the appearance of any building. The grilles are made of a durable, anodized aluminum that resists weather. Installs easily onto the Frigidaire® metal wall sleeve, thanks to the sliding keyhole attachment. 5304480558 — Architectural Aluminum Outdoor Grille, Clear 5308815313 — Architectural Aluminum Outdoor Grille, Dark Brown 530448055X — Architectural Aluminum Outdoor Grille, Customized Color 5304480557 — Stamped Aluminum Outdoor Grille, Clear 5304484585 — Baffle Kit Universal Drain Kit The condensate drain kit is used to control condensate water from the packaged terminal unit. This universal drain kit can be used for exterior or interior drain systems. 5304480570 — Condensation Universal Drain Kit, 1 Pack FR_PTAC_ACC 12/15

Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC) ACCESSORIES Air Filters Electrical Subbases In order to ensure a healthy room environment the air filters should be The electrical subbase provides the same features as the non-electrical changed periodically. By changing the air filters, airflow, temperature subbase, plus a factory-installed electrical junction box containing a control and energy efficiency is maintained. receptacle for corded packaged terminal air conditioner units. 5304482892 — Air Filters, 10 Pack 5304482886 — Electrical Subbase-230V-15A, Black 5304482887 — Electrical Subbase-230V-20A, Black 5304482888 — Electrical Subbase-230V-30A, Black 5304482889 — Electrical Subbase-265V-15A, Black 5304482890 — Electrical Subbase-265V-20A, Black 5304482891 — Electrical Subbase-265V-30A, Black 5304482698 — Subbase Disconnect Switch, 265V Decorative Subbases & Supports The non-electrical subbase is made of heavy gauge steel to provide support for the wall sleeve. The subbase is designed to mount directly to the wall sleeve. Leveling legs attach easily to the wall sleeve and Wired Digital Wall Thermostats offer accurate leveling and support for units. With the Effortless™ Temperature Control wired wall thermostat, 5308815315 — Decorative Subbase, Black comfort and precision is in your hands. Programmable or non- 5304480575 — Leveling Legs programmable, this thermostat offers auto-changeover, 2-stage heating and cooling, as well as emergency heating mode (for Heat Pump). 5304482700 — Wired Digital Wall Thermostat, Programmable 5304483050 — Wired Digital Wall Thermostat, Non-Programmable 5304484139 — Transfer Cable (For Quick Programming of Wired Thermostats) Wireless Wall Thermostats The wireless Effortless™ Temperature Control wall thermostat allows control without having to worry about wiring. Easy to install and easy to use. Large intuitive LCD screen improves the user interaction. 5304482699 — Wireless Digital Thermostat, Non-Programmable 5304482XXX — Wireless Receiver1 FR_PTAC_ACC 12/15 Wireless Receiver required for Wireless Wall Thermostat for all new installations. 1