ETDOOR ET-28 Manual

Thursday, August 2, 2018

ET28 Roller Door Operator Owners manual WARNING It is vital for the safety of persons to follow all instructions. Failure to comply with the installation instructions and the safety warnings may result in serious personal injury and /or property and remote control opener damage. Please save these instructions for future reference.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety warnings Product Features Installation instructions Setting and operating Packing list Technical data Common trouble shooting In order to provide better service, to ensure the safety of the users and product life. Please operate strictly in accordance with this manual. We do not undertake the direct and indirect corresponding duties and obligations for personal injury or property damage, which is resulted by non-compliance with safety regulations during transport, installation and use. We hereby further expressly excludes all or any liability for any injury, damage, cost, expense or claim whatsoever suffered by any person as a result whether directly or indirectly from failure to install the ET28 roller door operator in accordance with these installation instructions.

SAFETY WARNIGNS Warning — It is vital for the safety of persons to follow all instructions. Failure to comply with the following safety rules may result in serious personal injury and/or property damage. For additional safety protection we strongly recommend the fitting of a photo electric beam. In most countries photo electric beam are mandatory on all garage doors fitted with automatic openers. For a small additional outlay ET Technology Co. Ltd. recommends that photo electric beams be installed with the automatic opener ensuring additional safety and peace of mind. Do not operate the garage door operator unless the garage door is in full view and free from objects such as cars and children/people. Make sure that the door has finished moving before entering or leaving the garage. Do not operate the garage door operator when children/persons are near the door. Children must be supervised near the garage door at all times when the door opener is in use. Serious personal injury and/or property damage can result from failure to follow this warning. Do not allow children to operate the garage door operator. Serious personal injury and/or property damage can result from failure to follow this warning. Regularly check to make sure that the safety obstruction force is working correctly, and is tested (by placing a 50mm high object on the floor) and set as per the installation instructions manual. Failure to follow the manual could result in serious personal injury and/or property damage. This test must be repeated at regular intervals and the necessary adjustments made as required. Do not disengage the door opener to manual operation with children/persons or any other objects including motor vehicles within the doorway. Wall switch or transmitter must be installed high enough and make sure children can’t reach them.

The door opener is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without adequate supervision. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the remote transmitters or the operator. Keep hands and loose clothing clear of the door and door opener at all times. If the roll up door is the only entrance to the garage, a back up battery must be installed and checked weekly. The unit should be installed so that it is protected from the elements. It should not be exposed to water or rain. It is not to be immersed in water or sprayed directly by a hose or other water carrying device. The garage door must be well balanced. Sticking or binding doors must be repaired by a qualified garage door installer prior to installation of the operator. Frequently examine the installation, in particular cables, springs and mountings for signs of wear, damage or imbalance. Do not use the door if repair or adjustment is needed since a fault in the installation or an incorrectly balanced door may cause injury. Do not attempt to repair the door yourself as hardware is under extreme tension. Remove or disengage all garage door locks and mechanisms prior to installation the operator. Connect the garage door operator to a properly earthed general purpose 240V mains power outlet installed by a qualified electrical contractor. The outlet (and operator) must be positioned so that it is easily accessible. Disconnect the power cord from mains power before making any repairs or removing covers. Only experienced service person can remove covers from garage door operator. When using auto close mode, a photo electric beam must be fitted correctly and tested for operation at regular intervals. Extreme caution is recommended when using auto close mode. All safety rules must be followed. In order for the garage door opener to sense an object obstructing under the door way, some force must be exerted on the object. As a result the object, door and/or person may suffer damage or injury.

If the circuit is damaged, it must be repaired by a qualified person. Make sure that the door is fully open before driving in or out the garage and fully closed before leaving the driveway. Make sure that remote controls are kept out of reach of children. PRODUCT FEATURES 1. Easy to use. Just press the remote control button or the shortcut button on the motor to open, stop or close the roller shutter. 2. Safe and reliable remote control system. Adopt rolling code, low coincident code rate. 3. Mechanical limit device, easy to operate, stable and reliable. 4. ISS (intelligent safety obstruction system). When performing a close cycle the door will automatically reverse if it hit an obstacle or is restricted in some manner. The door will also stop if it is restricted when opening. 5. Up to 20 different transmitters can be stored in the opener’s memory. 6. Energy-efficient LED light. The light will automatically on when operating and automatically off 3 minutes later after finish operating. 7. Back up battery terminal available. (Back up battery optional) 8. Auto close mode available. The door will be closed automatically 1 minute later after it is fully opened. (It is compulsory to install a photo electric beam if auto close ode is selected, otherwise the door may cause personal injury or damage to property. Auto close time is adjustable.) 9. Photo beam terminal available. 10. Simple and reliable clutch. Pull down the clutch handle, the door can be manually operated. Pushed the clutch handle, the door will return to the auto mode again. 11. Solid and reliable aluminum structure.

Installation instructions IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION Warning:Incorrect installation can lead to severe injury. Follow this installation instruction. SIDE ROOM REQUIREMENTS Fig. 1 shows the minimum and recommended side room. The distance between the edge of the door curtain and the inside of the bracket must be at least 40mm. However, for easier access it is recommended that at least 95mm is allowed. 1. CHECK OPERATION OF DOOR BEFORE BEGINNING THE INSTALLATION CHECK THE OPERATION OF THE DOOR The door must be well balanced and be in a reasonable operating condition. The ideal operational effort in raising or lowering the door should not exceed a force of l0kg (22 lbs..Make sure that all door locks, ropes, chains etc. are neither released, nor disabled and remove unnecessary accessories. 2. FIXING OF DOOR WEIGHT BAR Move the door manually to the mid open position. Place the weight bar on the bottom rail, in the middle of the door and secure with the fasteners provided (FIG. 2). Check the operation of the door again. If the door feels heavy it may require extra tension to be added to the door springs.Refer to the door Installation manual from the manufacturer on how to tension the door.

3. INSTALLING OPERATOR The ET28 roller door operator can be fixed to the roll up garage door in a variety of ways. Described below is one method of fixing. Make sure there is enough side room to slide the drive assembly onto shaft. PLEASE NOTE: THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR FIXING THE OPERATOR TO THE DOOR ARE FOR RIGHT HAND INSTALLATION ONLY. Installation process (FIG. 4, FIG. 5, and FIG. 6) 1. Check that the door shaft U bolt is securely tightened on the left hand side of the door. 2. Raise the door and tie a rope around the centre to secure the roll. 3. Support the right hand end of the door with a suitable prop, e.g. step ladder and soft padding to protect door surface. WARNING : DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN/PERSONS AROUND THE DOOR AND PROP. SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE CAN RESULT FROM FAILURE TO FOLLOW THIS WARNING 4. Carefully loosen and remove the right hand door shaft U-bolt. 5. Make sure that the door supporting prop is secure. While the door is supported remove the right hand door mounting bracket from wall. 6. Remove the drive assembly from the packaging. Try to rotate the drive gear by pushing on the fork (Fig. 6). If the gear does not rotate the manual mode has to be selected. To select pull downward the clutch handle. The drive gear should now rotate freely. 7. Slide the drive assembly over the door axle making sure that the fork extends into and

over one of the spokes of the door drum wheel. 8. Refit the door mounting bracket to the wall. In some cases the bracket may have to be re-positioned. Re-fit and tighten the door shaft U-bolt. Remove door supporting prop and untie the rope from the curtain. 9. Straighten the drive assembly and position as per Fig. 5. Tighten the two locking bolts firmly to secure the OPERATOR. 10. Check the manual operation of the door by raising and lowering the door. The door should run smoothly. NOTE: After installation, ensure that parts do not extend over public footpaths or roads. Setting and operating 1. Limit adjustment knob B 2. Limit adjustment knob A 3. O/S/C button 4. Back up battery connecting interface 5. Closing resistance adjustment knob 6. Opening resistance adjustment knob 7. K1 button 8. Switch button for left/right installation 9. Auto close button 10. LED light socket 11. Photo beam and wall switch interfaces 12. Clutch handle

1. CODING TRANSMITTER The operator should be under standby mode when coding transmitters. Open the semi-transparent cover and press K1 button, the coding light will be on and the operator is under transmitter learning mode. Press any button on the transmitter, the coding light will be off. Press the same button again the coding light will flash for 8 times then off. The transmitter has been coded successfully. The same way to code other transmitters. Press the K1 button and hold on for over 8 seconds the coding light will be off, all storage will be cleared. Press the K1 button and release within 8 seconds. If the coding light flash and then off, it means the memory is full. The operator can learn 20 transmitters at most. 2. DOOR TRAVEL LIMIT SETTING 2.1 Pull down the clutch handle and make sure the door is under manual operation mode. 2.2 Raise the door to a suitable height then adjust the limit adjustment knob B and stop whenever there is a ‘tick’. 2.3 Close the door then adjust the limit adjustment knob A and stop whenever there is a ‘tick’. 2.4 Open and close the door again and make sure there’s a ‘tick’ when the door moves to the up and down limit position. Otherwise, the limit should be fine-tuned. 2.5 Push the clutch handle and rise and pull the door to engage the clutch gear. 2.6 To ensure the up and down limit positions again by press the O/S/C button on the operator. Adjust the limit correspondingly if needed. 2.7 Notes: - Before setting the travel limit, turn the slide block far away from the limit switch in case of setover.

- When setting the travel limit, the slide block should be moved in downward direction and then touch the limit switch, the motor won’t work if the slide block moves in a wrong direction. - When setting the travel limit, push the bottom of limit adjustment knob A or B by a cross screwdriver then you can adjust the travel limit by turning them. - When left installing, the limit adjustment knob A and B perform an opposite function compare to right installing. 3. SAFETY OBSTRUCTION FORCE MARGIN THIS IS INPORTANT, IF THIS IS NOT DONE CORRECTLY, THE UNIT MAY BE DAMAGED. 3.1 Open the semi-transparent cover and adjust the opening resistance adjustment knob. About 20 kg of opening resistance is recommended. When the opening resistance reaches 20 kg the motor won’t work. (To add the resistance by clockwise rotation, to decrease the resistance by counterclockwise rotation) 3.2 Adjust the closing resistance adjustment knob. 5-15 kg resistance is recommended. 4. Connection of photo beam Connect the photo beam to the interfaces ‘I’, ‘OV’ and ‘+24V’ as per FIG. 8. The photo beam should be controlled by switch value, normally open type. The wire can go through cord hole H (FIG. 9). 5. Connection of back up battery Connect the back up battery to the interfaces ‘sp+’ and ‘sp-’ on PCB as per FIG. 10. The battery must be lead-acid battery. The wire can go through cord hole H (FIG. 9).

PACKING LIST Item Quantity ET28 roller door operator 1 Transmitter 2 Bracket fixing up combination 1 Fork extension A optional 2 Wall bracket for transmitter 2 Weight bar (optional) 1 Pan head screw M4*50 mm optional 2 Hexagon head screw and nut M4 optional 2 Flat washer 3/16*1/2 optional 2 Screw #6*1 2 Installation manual 1 TECHNICAL DATA Input voltage: 220 V AC——240 V AC 50 HZ Controller voltage: 24 V DC Rated power: 100W Rated lifting force: 200N 20 kg Working circumstance: +5℃——+40℃ Operator limits travel: 4 circles of door drum wheel Receiver type: 433.92 MHZ ASK rolling code

COMMON TROUBLE SHOOTING Symptom Possible reason Solution The door do not move Main power not switch on Switch on the main power Remove the barrier The door is locked or motor Unlock the door The door is obstructed jammed Check the motor Turn down the moving force The door won’t reverse The moving force of the motor is by counterclockwise rotation when obstructed very big the button The moving force of the motor is Turn up the moving force by The door reverses very small clockwise rotation the button automatically when closing There could be an obstruction Remove obstruction under the door The door stops The moving force of the motor is Turn up the moving force by automatically when opening very small clockwise rotation the button The transmitter light doesn’t The battery is loose The operator can be flash controlled by O/S/C button The receiving antenna is not Pull out the receiving but not transmitter pulled out antenna Low battery Change new battery 12V The door can’t fully close Improper limit position Reset the limit position The door can’t fully open Improper limit position Reset the limit position The door can fully close but Improper limit position Reset the limit position reverses automatically The door can fully open but Improper limit position Reset the limit position still moving up The motor rotate but the Push up the clutch handle door don’t move Courtesy light on but motor The controller and motor are not Check the connection doesn’t work connected well