Tefal CY703840 Manual

Friday, October 20, 2017

Take the time to read all the following SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS instructions carefully. • Read these instructions for use carefully • Improper use of the appliance and its before using your appliance for the first accessories may damage the appliance time. Any use which does not conform and cause injury. to these instructions will absolve the • Do not touch hot parts of the appliance. manufacturer from any liability and After use, the heating element surface is invalidate the guarantee. subject to residual heat after use. • Check that your power supply voltage • For your safety, this appliance conforms to corresponds to that shown on the all applicable standards and regulations appliance (alternating current only). Any (Low Voltage Directive, Electromagnetic error in plugging in your appliance may Compatibility, Food Compliant Materials, cause irreversible damage and invalidate Environment, ...). the guarantee. • This appliance is not intended for use • Indoor use only. by persons (including children) with • For cleaning your appliance, please refer reduced physical, sensory or mental to instructions for use. You can wash capabilities, or lack of experience and the cooking bowl and steam basket in knowledge, unless they have been given soapy hot water or in the dishwasher. supervision or instruction concerning use Clean the body of the appliance using a of the appliance by a person responsible damp cloth. for their safety. Children should be • Do not immerse the appliance in water supervised to ensure that they do not or any other liquid. play with the appliance.

• If the supply cord is damaged, it must be • Children shall not play with the appliance. replaced by the manufacturer, its service • Place the appliance on a flat stable, agent or similarly qualified persons in heatproof work surface, away from any order to avoid a hazard. Do not replace water splashes or any sources of heat. the power cord supplied with other cords. • Never place or use the appliance close • This appliance is intended for domestic to a wall or below a wall cupboard as the household use only. It is not intended steam produced by the appliance can to be used in the following applications, cause damage. and the guarantee will not apply for: • Do not place your appliance near a heat − staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and source in operation (hob, household other working environments; appliance, etc.). − farm houses; • Do not fill your appliance to more than − by clients in hotels, motels and other the MAX mark on the bowl. Do not fill it residential type environments; more than half full for food that expands − bed and breakfast type environments. during cooking, such as rice, dried • This appliance shall not be used by vegetables. Reduce the volume of water children. Keep the appliance and its cord to avoid the risk of boiling over. out of reach of children. • When in operation, never leave the • Appliances can be used by persons with appliance unattended. reduced physical, sensory or mental • Please follow the recommendations on capabilities or lack of experience and the volume of food and water to avoid knowledge if they have been given the risk of boiling over which can damage supervision or instruction concerning use your appliance and cause injury. of the appliance in a safe way and if they understand the hazards involved.

• Before using your appliance, check that • Use only the appropriate spare parts for the manometric rod and the safety valve your model. This is particularly important are clean (see section Cleaning and for the sealing gasket, the cooking bowl maintenance). and its safety devices. • Do not place any foreign objects in the • Do not damage the sealing gasket. If pressure release system. Do not replace it is damaged, have it replaced in an any of the safety device yourself. Approved Service Centre. • When you open the lid, first unlock it by • The heat source necessary for cooking is holding the lid open/close handle. Then included in the appliance. position your arms in alignment with the • Do not place the appliance in a heated side carrying handles, hold each side lid oven or on a hot hob. Do not place the handle with your hands and raise the lid. appliance close to an open flame or a • Be careful also about the risk of scalding flammable object. from the steam coming out of the • Do not heat the cooking bowl with any appliance when you open the lid. First other heat source than the heating plate open the lid very slightly to allow the of the appliance and do not use any steam to escape gently. other bowl. Do not use the cooking bowl • Never force the appliance open. Make with other appliances. sure that the inside pressure has returned • Move the appliance with great care when to normal. Do not open the lid when the it is under pressure. Do not touch the appliance is under pressure. To do so, hot surfaces. Use the carrying handles see pages 44-46 “Problem & Solutions” when moving it and wear oven gloves, if section “The lid does not open once the necessary. Do not use the lid handle to steam is released”. lift the appliance.

• Do not use the appliance for other than • Do not use the appliance to deep fry food the intended purpose. in oil. Only browning is allowed. • This appliance is not a steriliser. Do not • In browning mode, be careful of risks of use it to sterilise jars. burns caused by spattering when you add • The appliance cooks food under pressure. food or ingredients into the hot bowl. Incorrect use may cause risks of burns • During cooking and automatic steam due to steam. release at the end of cooking, the • Make sure that the appliance is properly appliance releases heat and steam. closed before bringing it up to pressure Keep your face and hands away from (see Instructions for use). the appliance to avoid scalding. Do not • Do not use the appliance empty, without touch the lid during cooking. its bowl or without liquid inside the bowl • Do not use a cloth or anything else if using a mode cooking under pressure. between the lid and the housing to This could cause serious damage to the leave the lid ajar. This can permanently appliance. damage the gasket. • After cooking meat which has an outer • Do not touch the safety devices, except layer of skin (such as ox tongue), which while cleaning and maintaining the could swell due to the effects of pressure, appliance in accordance with the do not pierce the skin after cooking if it instructions given. appears swollen: you could get burnt. • Make sure that the bottom of the cooking Pierce it before cooking. bowl and the heating element are always • When cooking food with a thick texture clean. Make sure that the central part of (chick peas, rhubarb, compotes, etc.), the heating plate is mobile. shake the appliance slightly before • Do not fill up the interior body of your opening it to ensure that the food or appliance without its cooking bowl. cooking juices do not spurt out.

• Use a plastic or wooden spoon to prevent • If pressure is released continuously through any damage to the non-stick coating of the valve of the appliance (for more than the bowl. Do not cut food directly in the 1 minute) while pressure cooking, send the cooking bowl. appliance to a Approved Service Centre for • If a great deal of steam is released from repair. the rim of the lid, unplug the power cord • Do not use a damaged appliance. Take it at once and check whether the safety to your Approved Service Centre. devices are clean. If necessary, send the • The guarantee does not cover the abnormal appliance to an Approved Service Centre wear and tear of the cooking bowl. for repair. • In accordance with current regulations, • Do not carry the appliance by holding it before disposing of an appliance no by the handles of the removable bowl. longer needed, the appliance must be Always use the two side handles on the rendered inoperative (by unplugging it housing of the appliance. Wear oven and cutting off the supply cord). gloves if the appliance is hot. For more • Use only spare parts sold in an Approved safety, make sure that the lid is locked Service Centre. before transporting the appliance. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Environment protection first! Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.

P. 10-11 INGREDIENTS & RECIPES PROGRAMS CONTE NTS P. 12-13 BEFORE USE P. 14-15 USE AND OPERATION P. 16-17 SETTINGS MENUS P. 18 ON/OFF MENU P. 19-21 CONNECTION P. 22-27 PRESSURE COOKING/ CLASSIC COOKING (cook slowly/simmer/brown)/ REHEATING/ KEEP WARM/ DELAYED START P. 28-29 INGREDIENTS MENU P. 30-33 COOKING GUIDE P. 34-35 RECIPES MENU P. 36-37 LIBRARY MENU P. 38-39 GOLDEN RULES OF COOKING P. 40-43 CLEANING MAINTENANCE P. 44-45 TROUBLESHOOTING EPC03 Series Low pressure 40kPa/5.8psi (109°C) / High pressure: 70kPa/10.2psi (115°C) Product capacity: 6L / Useful capacity: 4L Built-in heating

Lid open / close handle Silencing pressure valve Main operation button Open / closed marker Return button Control panel Blue light indicates that Cooking bowl Warning indicator for the Bluetooth connection pressure and locking is activated

INGREDIENTS fruits & vegetables Beef Apples Chicken Asparagus meat & chicken Lamb Aubergines Pork Beetroot Broccoli (florets) Brussels sprouts Butternut squash Cabbage (green) Cabbage (red) Carrots Cauliflower (florets) Cod Celery Fish Courgettes King prawns (raw) Green beans (whole) fish & shellfish Mussels Green lentils Scallops Leeks Mushrooms Parsnips Pears Peas (frozen) Peppers (any colour) Potatoes (new) Potatoes (old) Brown rice - Basmati Runner beans Bulgur wheat Spinach Quinoa Swede rice & cereals White rice - Basmati Sweet potatoes White rice - Long grain Turnips

RECIPE LIST starter main dessert Asian pork meatballs Bacon and Leek Risotto Lamb rogan josh curry Bread and butter pudding Celery and stilton soup Beef and Ale Casserole Meatballs in tomato sauce Cabinet pudding Dhal (lentilles corail) Beef Bolognaise sauce Mussels in white wine Cherries Poached in Orange Houmous Beef madras curry Mustard pot roast beef Chocolate croissant pudding Italian vegetable soup Beef tacos Pesto chicken risotto Creme Brulee Lentil and smoked bacon soup Beef tournedo & red wine sauce Pork spare ribs Jam Sponge Puddings Prawn & Coriander bisque Butternut squash risotto Pot roast cider chicken Molten chocolate puddings Vegetable curry Chicken tikka masala Quinoa and Feta salad Panna Cotta with Strawberries Chilli con carne Salmon & turmeric terrine Pears in red wine Cod and Asparagus Tajine Sausage and Bean Stew White Chocolate Cream Cod loin in prawn sauce Spring lamb stew Curried prawns with peas Steamed sweet chilli salmon Farmers chicken Thai spicy pork & green beans Gammon joint Tomato and Lemon Grass Soup Green thai chicken curry Tuna Puttanesca Korma chicken wings Vegetable & Mozzarella Tian 11

BEFORE USE Remove the appliance from its packaging and read the instructions carefully before using the appliance for the first time. 1 6 5 2 3 4 CLEAN THE DIFFERENT COMPONENTS 1 Cooking bowl 2 Metal plate with non-removeable seal 3 Valve cover To open the appliance, turn the open/ Install the appliance on a flat dry surface that close handle on top of the lid, until the is not hot. Remove all the packaging, stickers 4 Condensation collector marking is in line with the open padlock. or different accessories inside and outside the appliance. 5 Steam basket 6 Decompression ball

1 2 BEFORE USE HOW TO DISMANTLE AND REASSEMBLE THE METAL PLATE HOW TO REMOVE THE METAL HOW TO TAKE THE VALVE COVER OFF: PLATE: Hold the valve cover by its middle part (as shown); Then turn it slightly to unclip Grip the metal plate holding it by the seal, and it. Clean the valve cover, paying special attention to the inside (check that there unscrew the central nut in an anti-clockwise is no left over food). direction. Remove the nut and keep it in a safe place. Press the spring loaded screw spindle to release the metal plate. Remove the metal plate. 3 4 5 ACCESSING THE DECOMPRESSION BALL: PUTTING THE METAL PLATE BACK PUTTING THE VALVE COVER When the lid is completely cool, turn the ball cover, anti-clockwise, so IN PLACE: BACK: as to bring the marker into position . Lift off the cover. Remove Grip the metal plate by the seal as shown in Take the valve cover as shown in the picture the ball, and gently clean it, along with its cover, with water and some the picture. Line up the metal plate with the (gripping the middle). Line up the interior washing-up liquid. Dry the ball using a soft cloth, then put it back in central screw spindle and press it flat against circular shape with the three hooks and then position. Put the ball cover back in place, and the marker in position the underside of the lid. Put the nut back on with push so that the valve cover clips on (you should . Lock it by turning the ball cover so that the marker is opposite the the flat side facing the metal plate and turn it hear a “click” sound). The valve cover must be pictogram “closed” . clockwise, tightening it as far as it will go. close up against the inside of the lid. Note: The metal decompression ball may still be hot The notches on the rotating inner part of the lid must be correctly aligned with even when the lid has cooled. the notches on the rim of the bowl otherwise the lid will not lock when closed. 13

OPERATION When turning on for the first time, you will first see the settings menu: Italy Italian United Kingdom English France French Germany Dutch Spain Spanish COUNTRY LANGUAGE 2 ok ok ok ok 1 + + Select your country Select your language INTERFACE CONTROLS ok ok 3 secs SELECT CONFIRM BACK ok RESTART ok

USE Never use the appliance OPEN THE LID: OPEN/CLOSE INDICATOR: INSTALLING THE To open the appliance, turn the open/ When the indicator flashes, the lid is CONDENSATION COLLECTOR: without the cooking bowl. close handle so that the marking is in locked. When the indicator remains on Check that the condensation collector line with the open padlock. Never try constantly, the appliance is pressurised; is empty then install it behind the to force the lid to open if it is stuck. you can no longer open it. appliance. When using your appliance for the first time, the bowl can release a slight odour. POSITIONING THE BOWL IN Then install the bowl in the appliance This is normal. by positioning the bowl handles into THE APPLIANCE: Wipe the bottom of the cooking bowl. the slots. INSTALLING THE STAND Make sure there are no food remains or UNDER THE STEAM liquid under the bowl or on the heating BASKET: plate. Pinch the stand between your thumb and index finger to install it under the steam basket as shown. 15

Australia France language/country delete libraries English United-Kingdom Français Nederlands SETTINGS MENU screen/sounds Connect LANGUAGE COUNTRY ok ok ok ok ok ok + + + Select “language/country” Select your language Select your country Please select the library you want to delete ingredients recipes language/country delete libraries libraries library 1 manual libraries screen/sounds Connect recipes library 2 ok ok ok ok ok ok N.B.: even if the sound is deactivated, the alert + + + sounds remain active. Select “delete libraries” Select “libraries” Select “library 2” Please select the recipe LIBRARY 2 you want to delete RECIPE 2 Do you want to delete libraries Do you want to delete this library? recipe 1 this recipe? YES NO recipes recipe 2 YES NO ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok + + + + Do you want to delete this Select “recipes” Select “recipe 2” Do you want to delete this library? recipe?

BRIGHTNESS language/country delete libraries screen brightness sounds demo mode screen/sounds Connect ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok + + + + Select “screen/sounds” Select “screen” Select “brightness” Adjust the light N.B.: DEMO mode allows DEMO MODE DEMO MODE you to operate the product without heating brightness or pressurising it. OFF ON 3424 demo mode ok ok ok ok ok + + Select “demo mode” To activate or deactivate the demo mode, please enter the code: 3424 SOUNDS language/country delete libraries screen Connect OFF ON OFF ON sounds screen/sounds Connect ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok + + + + Select “sounds” Adjust the volume Select “Connect” Activate or deactivate the connect mode (Bluetooth, BLE) 17

ON/OFF MENU do you want to switch off do you want to switch off ingredients recipes the appliance? the appliance? manual libraries YES NO YES NO ok ok ok ok ok ok + + + Select and confirm Pressing ON/OFF will allow you to switch the appliance on and off ok ok ok

CONNECTION Download the My Cook4me app (on the App Store and on Google Play) via your tablet or mobile. Your Cook4me is operational, you can now Validate the connection request use your appliance with the and press OK 50 pre-programmed recipes even without the app. OK When you turn on your Cook4me, the blue light When you use the appliance for the first time, pair your product to your tablet will start flashing (awaiting by following the instructions on screen. connection), unless you manually deactivate the connect function (See ‘Settings’ chapter). If the connection is successful, the light will stay blue. 19

CONNECTION Connection problem: Creating an account: Search bar: If the connection failed, you will Follow the instructions on the app. Type the key words in the search bar see an error message. Follow the and access the search filter. instructions on your screens to establish a new connection. N.B.: only one connection possible at any N.B.: if you don’t use your Cook4me for 30 minutes, it will switch to stand-by mode and time. the connection will be lost. When exiting stand-by mode, it will automatically re-connect.

CONNECTION Browsing: From the app, you can either: Recipes in your Cook4me You can also browse via the app by • see the step by step accessing the Menu: • launch the recipe in step by step • welcome Favourites in interaction with your Cook4me • recipes No information about the cooking • my shopping Library time can be provided if there is no • tools connection. Cook4me is always • guide autonomous. • my account You will always have a direct acces to the 50 programmed recipes and ingredients. The cooking continues even if you do not have connection. N.B.: you can start the cooking from your Cook4me by NB: Ensure that you never leave the appliance unattended pressing the OK button (as instructed on the app). whilst in operation. 21

MANUAL MENU COOKING MODE PRESSURE COOKING ingredients recipes pressure classic cooking cooking MANUAL MENU: With the manual menu, manual libraries insert the bowl reheat keep warm you set the cooking WARNING yourself. Select the cooking mode: pressure cooking, ok ok ok ok Insert the bowl then add classic cooking (cook + + the ingredients slowly, simmer, brown), Select the “manual” menu Select “pressure” mode reheat or keep warm, as well as the cooking time. COOKING 00:10 immediate start delayed start close and lock the lid PRESSURE COOKING PRESSURE COOKING WARNING ok ok ok ok Close and lock + + Set the cooking time Select immediate or delayed start (p.27) ok ok ok

MANUAL MENU COOKING MODE PRESSURE COOKING PREHEATING COOKING END OF COOKING please wait please wait 00:02 PRESSURE COOKING PRESSURE COOKING PRESSURE COOKING 12:20 The preheating time will vary between Cooking has started Cooking has finished 3-10 minutes depending on the quantity (the cooking time counts up) of food, the quantity of liquid and whether the food is fresh or frozen ENJOY ! 4 L (max) Note: 4 litre max KEEP WARM 3,5L and 200 ml min 00:02 200 ml (min) capacity for pressure cooking. PRESSURE COOKING It’s ready to eat! The appliance automatically Do not touch the goes to keep warm mode hot appliance during cooking. ok ok ok 23

MANUAL SLOW COOKING MENU ingredients recipes pressure classic cooking cooking manual libraries reheat keep warm COOKING MODE CLASSIC ok ok ok ok ok ok COOKING + + + Select the “manual” menu Select the “classic” function Select the desired function With classic cooking mode, you can: cook slowly (ie: for melting butter) simmer PREHEATING please wait (ie: for reducing sauces) open the lid insert the bowl brown WARNING WARNING SLOW COOKING depending on the desired Open the lid Insert the bowl result. The lid remains open ok for these types of cooking. The appliance is preheating (This can take up to 5 minutes) N.B.: The operation is the same, only the temperature is different. SLOW COOKING Do you want to stop the slow cooking? add the ingredients 00:02 OK OK YES NO SLOW COOKING ok ok ok ok ok + + + ok ok Add the ingredients ok To stop classic cooking select ok and then either stop or ok pressure cooking

MANUAL MENU ingredients recipes pressure classic cooking cooking manual libraries insert the bowl reheat keep warm COOKING MODE WARNING REHEAT ok ok ok ok Insert the bowl + + Select the “manual” menu Select the “reheat” mode do you want to stop reheating? REHEAT close and lock the lid 00:02 YES NO WARNING Close and lock the lid Reheat has started ok ok ok + Do you want to stop reheat? To stop reheating select yes. Press OK to interrupt Ensure food is piping hot before serving ENJOY ! KEEP WARM N.B.: Reheating starts and the time increases. 00:02 It’s ready to eat! The appliance automatically ok ok goes to keep warm mode ok 25

MANUAL MENU COOKING MODE KEEP WARM ingredients recipes pressure classic cooking cooking manual insert the bowl libraries reheat keep warm WARNING ok ok ok ok Insert the bowl + + Select the “manual” menu Select the “keep warm” function do you want to stop the keep warm function? PREHEATING KEEP WARM please wait 00:02 YES NO KEEP WARM The appliance is preheating The keeping warm ok function has started + ok To stop the keep warm function, press the “back” button and select “yes” ok ok ok

MANUAL MENU COOKING MODE DELAYED START The delayed start feature is only possible with the manual what time is it? menu “quick cooking” and the ingredients menu immediate start delayed start 08:15 h m “Fruit & vegetables” or PRESSURE COOKING “Rice & Cereals”. ok ok ok ok + + Select “delayed start” Select the current time (using the 24 hour clock) Do not use delayed start for recipes containing meat, chicken, fish, milk or eggs as these foods can deteriorate END OF 12:30 DELAYED START END OF COOKING if left at room temperature C O O K IN G 01:00 12:30 before cooking. PRESSURE COOKING 08:15 PRESSURE COOKING 08:15 ok ok Delayed start is + programmed Select the end of cooking ok ok Note: The delayed start time always includes 15 minutes for the appliance to preheat. ok 27

INGREDIENTS MENU artichoke INGREDIENTS asparagus ingredients recipes MENU: aubergine With the ingredients menu, fruits & vegetables beetroot cook single ingredients manual libraries broccoli without having to program FRUITS AND VEGETABLES the cooking mode or time: Cook4me provides ok ok ok ok ok ok you with instructions for + + + different weights and types Select the Select fruits & vegetables Select the required of ingredients: meat, fish, “ingredients” menu ingredient vegetables, fruit and cereals. The guides on pages 30 to 33 give you advice on how to prepare fruit and vegetables for use with 300 gr do you want to start the recipe? - pour 200ml of water in the bowl. the ingredients menu and YES NO - place the steam basket in the bowl. suggested cuts of meat. BROCCOLI BROCCOLI BROCCOLI ok ok ok ok + Select the quantity of Start the recipe Follow the instructions on ingredients screen ok ok Note: The weights displayed on the Cook4me are the prepared weight of the ingredients. ok

INGREDIENTS MENU COOK 00:10 immediate start delayed start close and lock the lid PREHEATING please wait ADVISED TIME: 10 MIN BROCCOLI WARNING BROCCOLI ok ok ok ok The appliance is preheating + Note: depending on the The recommended cooking time Select immediate or Follow the instructions type of ingredient and the is displayed. You can adjust the delayed start (p.27) quantity the preheating cooking time to your personal time will take between taste by turning the OK button. 3-10 minutes ENJOY ! COOK END OF COOKING KEEP WARM please wait 00:02 00:02 BROCCOLI BROCCOLI ok Cooking has finished It’s ready to eat! The appliance automatically Cooking has started goes to keep warm mode ok ok Note: The delayed start can be used on the Ingredients Menu with the Fruit & Vegetables and Rice & Cereals programs. ok 29

COOKING GUIDE FOR RICE AND CEREALS Weight (g) Recommended quantity cold water (ml) 200 g 300 ml 300 g 400 ml Bulgar Wheat 400 g 500 ml 500 g 600 ml 600 g 700 ml 200 g 500 ml 300 g 600 ml Quinoa 400 g 750 ml 500 g 800 ml 600 g 850 ml 200 g 350 ml 300 g 500 ml Brown Rice - Basmati* 400 g 650 ml 500 g 725 ml 600 g 800 ml 200 g 300 ml 300 g 450 ml White Rice - Basmati 400 g 600 ml & Long Grain* 500 g 675 ml 600 g 750 ml *Once at pressure it is normal for the Cook4me to vent short bursts of steam during cooking. After cooking rice a thin transulucent layer may form at the base of the bowl caused by loose starch from the rice.

COOK4ME MEAT & CHICKEN COOKING GUIDE The cooking times for meat are approximate and may need adjustment depending on the degree of doneness you prefer. When cooking joints we recommend leaving them to rest covered with foil for 10 minutes before carving. Ingredient Type Suggested cuts of meat/chicken Roast Boneless joints of beef such as topside, top rump, sirloin & mini joints Beef Pieces Casserole steak, braising steak, chuck steak, stewing steak Whole Unstuffed Chicken Pieces with bone Chicken drumsticks, chicken legs, chicken thighs, chicken wings Roast Boneless joints of leg or shoulder, mini joints Lamb Pieces Diced lamb shoulder or leg Pieces with bone Lamb chops, lamb cutlets Roast Boneless joints of leg & shoulder. For loin joints reduce the cooking time slightly Pork Pieces Diced pork shoulder or leg Pieces with bone Pork chops 31

COOK4ME FRUIT & VEGETABLES COOKING GUIDE The cooking times are approximate and may need adjustment depending on personal taste. Immersion (IM) or Ingredient steamed in Preparation Tips basket (ST) Use a firm texture apple variety such as Braeburn. Bramley variety is not recommended Apples ST wedges as it froths during cooking. Peel apples & cut into 2.5 cm thick wedges whole (thin ST stems 8-10 mm Choose fresh, tender stems. Trim to 17 cm lengths to fit steaming basket diameter) Aspargus whole (thick ST stems 12-15 mm Choose fresh, tender stems. Trim to 17 cm lengths to fit steaming basket diameter) ST whole Choose small aubergines that fit inside steaming basket Aubergines ST pieces Cut into 2.5 cm pieces whole (small or Trim off all but 2.5 cm of stalk and root. Wash without breaking the skin. Cook using Beetroot IM medium size) 1 litre of water. Peel skin after cooking. Serve hot or cold Broccoli ST florets Cut into small florets of even size Brussels ST whole Adjust cooking time according to size of brussels sprouts. Sprouts Butternut ST pieces Cut into 2.5 cm pieces Squash Cook sliced cabbage either by steaming in the basket or immersion method using Cabbage ST or IM shredded 200 ml water. Use green cabbage, Savoy cabbage and spring greens. For pointed (green) (Sweetheart) cabbage reduce cooking time by about 1 minute Cook sliced cabbage either by steaming in the basket or immersion method using Cabbage (red) ST or IM shredded 200 ml water. Choose similar size carrots so that they all cook to the same time, such as Chantenay ST small whole Carrots variety ST slices Cut into 1 cm slices Cauliflower ST florets Cut into small florets of even size Celery ST slices Cut into 5 cm slices

Immersion (IM) or Ingredient steamed in Preparation Tips basket (ST) ST whole Choose courgettes that fit inside the steam basket Courgettes ST pieces Cut into 2.5 cm slices Green beans ST whole For fine green beans reduce cooking time by 1 minute Rinse well before cooking. Cook 200 g green lentils with 400 ml cold water. Cook 300 g green lentils with 550 ml cold water Green lentils IM washed Cook 400 g green lentils with 650 ml cold water Cook 500 g green lentils with 750 ml cold water Leeks ST slices Cut into 5 cm slices Mushrooms ST whole Cut in half or quarters if large Parsnips ST florets Cut into 2.5 cm pieces Peas (frozen) ST Cook from frozen. Place in steaming basket Peel pears and trim bases so they stand upright in the steaming basket. Choose firm, Pears ST whole ripe pears such as Comice variety Peppers ST whole Trim off stalk and deseed peppers (any colour) Potatoes (new) ST whole The cooking time will vary depending on the variety and size of the potatoes Peel potatoes and cut into pieces approximately 40 g. The cooking time will vary Potatoes (old) ST pieces depending on the variety of potatoes. The larger the size of the potato pieces the longer cooking time. Runner beans ST sliced String and slice the beans Spinach ST or IM washed Cook in steaming basket or by immersion method with 100 ml water Swede ST pieces Cut into 2.5 cm cubes Sweet ST whole Wash and cook unpeeled potatoes ST pieces Cut into 2.5 cm pieces Turnips ST pieces Cut into 2.5 cm cubes 33

RECIPES MENU GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY RECIPES MENU: With the recipes menu, Gammon joint choose from over 50 ingredients recipes starter main Greek Lamb savoury or sweet recipes Green thai chicken curry divided into four categories: Korma chicken wings manual librairies dessert libraries Lamb rogan josh curry starters/ main / dessert/ libraries. You can go back to the ok ok ok ok ok ok initial menu by pressing + + + the return button for Select the recipe menu Select the type of recipe Select the recipe 30 seconds, or back one step by pressing the return button once. GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY - 4 PERS PREPARE THE INGREDIENTS express recipe Groundnut oil 11/2 tbsp ok 04 PERS PREPARATION 10 min COOKING 4 min Finely chopped onion Diced chicken breast fillets Thai green curry paste Coconut milk 150 g 600 g 4 tsp 300 ml Trimmed fine green beans 200 g OK cut in half ok ok ok ok + Select the number of Show recipe Prepare the ingredients servings ok ok ok

do you want to start PREHEATING add oil Brown onion and chicken the recipe? please wait for 3 minutes YES NO OK OK GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY ok ok ok Preheating ok ok + + Start the recipe Follow the instructions Follow the instructions do you want to stop browning? do you want to start PREHEATING Add remaining ingredients the cooking? please wait YES NO Stir well to combine OK YES NO GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY ok ok ok Preheating Stop browning Follow the instructions Start cooking SEASON TO TASTE AND SERVE ! PREHEATING ENJOY! COOKING KEEP WARM please wait 00:04 00:10 GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY GREEN THAI CHICKEN CURRY ok Cooking has finished Its ready to eat Cooking time 35

LIBRARIES DOWNLOADING RECIPE PACKS: DOWNLOADING When the app is connected to your Cook4me Connect, you can download the recipe Please wait packs. LIBRARIES Download in progress Select a pack and press the “Download on Cook4me” button ok ok N.B.: You can stop the transfer at any time by pressing the return button on Cook4me. ok

LIBRARIES ACCESS THE LIBRARIES: Asian recipes You can find your starter main Bistro recipes starter main downloaded packs. Launch Mediterranean recipes your recipes from your Soup recipes Cook4me Connect by dessert libraries dessert accessing your library. ok ok ok ok ok ok + + + Select the Select the desired theme Select “starter”, “main” or “libraries” sub-menu “dessert” and choose your recipe ok ok ok 37

GOLDEN RULES OF COOKING WITH YOUR COOK4ME • Always use plastic or wooden utensils to avoid Cooking times damaging the non-stick coating of the cooking bowl. • The cooking times programmed into the Cook4me Never cut food in the bowl. are only a guide and can be adjusted to your personal Liquid quantities taste by manually adjusting the advised cooking time. • Programs that cook under pressure – pressure cooking, • For the programs that cook under pressure – pressure ingredients menu and recipes menu – always require cooking, ingredients menu and recipes menu – the some liquid. See the cooking guides on pages 30-33 pressure cooking time will vary according to the size for advice on the quantity of liquid to use or follow the of the individual pieces or thickness of the food, not instructions on the Cook4me display screen. the weight. • Always use a liquid that gives off steam when boiled • To prevent overcooking with delicate foods such as e.g. water, stock, wine, beer, cider, etc. Never use oil or vegetables, fruit and fish the suggested cooking times fat. Do not used milk as it can froth up under pressure. may need slight adjustment for your personal taste. • When steaming foods in the basket always use a • Cook4me is not a slow cooker. The “slow cook” mode minimum of 200 ml of water in the Cook4me. operates using a low temperature (approx 75°C) for Maximum Filling level gentle cooking such as melting butter. • The ingredients plus liquid must not exceed the • The “simmer” mode operates using a temperature of maximum filling level. approximately 90°C and can be used for such things as • Some foods such as rice and pulses (e.g. dried beans reducing sauces. and dried peas) swell up and tend to froth during Cook4me Meat & Chicken Cooking Tips cooking and the bowl should not be more than half full • Choose meat joints of an even shape and thickness to with these ingredients and liquid. ensure they cook evenly. Boneless joints which are tied Foods which require special care when cooking in into an even cylindrical shape are ideal. Cook4me • The maximum recommended weight for meat joints is • See the point above about cooking rice & pulses. 1 kg. • Take care when cooking fruit which froths during • The maximum recommended weight for a whole pressure cooking, such as stewed apple. Instead steam chicken is 1.5 kg. some fruits, such as apple, in the steaming basket • Choose pieces of meat, such as chops, cubed meat for instead. stews, of the same size and thickness to ensure they • Never cook dumplings in the Cook4me under pressure, cook evenly. as they could rise up and block the safety devices.

• Before browning meat joints dry the outside with • To remove any unpleasant odours left in the Cook4me kitchen paper towel if it is moist on the outside. This after cooking strong foods, such as fish or curry, clean helps reduce spitting during browning, the appliance afterwards including dismantling the • Use about ½ – 1 tablespoon sunflower or vegetable oil metal plate and cleaning all safety parts. Reassemble when browning joints of meat. and leave the lid open for a few hours. • During browning, turn joints or meat using a spatula so About the recipe program it browns on all sides. Take care as hot oil may spit from • The cooking times in the recipes are approximate and the bowl. For pieces of meat, e.g. chops, or chicken, e.g. may need adjustment to suit your personal taste. drumsticks, brown in batches, if necessary. • Eggs used in the recipes are medium size unless stated • After browning, take care when adding liquid to the otherwise. hot bowl as it may spit or give off hot steam. • All spoon measures are level unless stated otherwise. • Meat or joints with a layer of fat on the outside, such • The weight stated in the recipes are for the prepared as chops or pork joints, will not turn crisp when cooked weight of the food, for example, 100 g sliced carrots in the Cook4me. is the weight of carrots after peeling and trimming off Adapting your own recipes for use in Cook4me the top and bottom. • For the programs that cook under pressure – pressure • The recipes have been specifically developed for use in cooking and ingredients menu – reduce the liquid Cook4me. If the recipes are prepared in an appliance quantity when adapting a conventional recipe as there other than this, the results and cooking times may vary. is less evaporation in Cook4me. • The cooking time will be shorter than in a conventional oven or on the hob. Find a similar recipe in the Recipe Menu as a guide to the cooking time. • Recipes are best thickened after cooking using Instant Thickening Granules available in larger supermarkets and are usually sold in the aisle near to cornflour. Just stir the thickening granules into the boiling hot dish or liquid until all the granules dissolve and the liquid thickens. Alternatively, blend cornflour with a little cold liquid to form a smooth paste (see packet instructions for advice on quantities); stir into the hot dish and then bring to the boil in a separate saucepan. 39

CLEANING MAINTENANCE Note: To ensure the correct operation of your Cook4me, follow these cleaning and maintenance instructions after each use. Once you have finished cooking your dish, You can wash the cooking bowl and steam basket in hot water and washing up disconnect the appliance to clean. Clean liquid or in the dishwasher. Clean the body of the appliance using a damp cloth. the appliance after each use. After several washes in the dishwasher, the exterior of the bowl may become discoloured.

CLEANING MAINTENANCE 1 2 CLEANING IN THE DISHWASHER: 3 you can place the metal plate in the dishwasher, without removing the valves. After placing in the dishwasher, remove the decompression ball and blow in the pipe to check that it is not blocked. Dry the ball and its support carefully using a soft cloth. After each use, remove the condensation To clean the metal plate, by hand or in the collector and wash carefully in soapy water dishwasher, you need to remove the valve or in the dishwasher. Take care to dry it well. cover. Return to its original position. 1 Unscrew the screw at the centre of the CLEANING BY HAND: metal plate and keep it in a safe place you can clean the metal plate using washing up liquid and hot water. Firstly, 2 Take off the metal plate remove the ball then clean completely. Dry the ball and its support using a soft 3 Remove the valve cover cloth. 41

CLEANING MAINTENANCE Do not clean any part of the Cook4me with abrasive sponges or wire wool. Replace the watertight seal at least every three years. This seal can only be replaced by an Approved Service Centre. Before reinstalling the ball, check that the Press on the internal part of the safety valve pipe is not blocked by blowing into it, from spring, from the opposite side to the picture the opposite side to the picture above. shown above, to check that it is not clogged. Clean the metal plate using a damp sponge and check that the manometric rod (shown in picture to the left) is properly positioned to ensure that it is not blocked. Do not store the appliance with the lid Rinse with water and check it moves freely. closed. Leave open or half open or slightly ajar. This will prevent unpleasant odours.

CLEANING MAINTENANCE Clean the outside of the appliance’s lid using a damp cloth. Clean the silencing pressure valve at the back of the lid. Pull out the valve cover from the lid, then take out the valve and clean it under running water. Reassemble the valve and return it to its original position in the lid. • In the event of accidental immersion of the appliance or if Note: The seal is non- water is spilt directly on the heating element when the bowl is removeable from the not in position, take the appliance to an Approved Service Centre. metal plate. Transport the appliance using the two side handles. To carry Clean the upper part of the cooking bowl Clean the seal on the metal plate the appliance, close the lid and lock it. using a damp cloth. Clean the area behind using a damp cloth then rinse the condensation collector using a damp thoroughly. Do not use sharp objects. cloth. Rinse the condensation collector and replace. 43

PROBLEMS POSSIBLES CAUSES SOLUTION The lid does not close. There are foreign bodies between the Remove the bowl, check that the heating plate, central element and under bowl and the heating plate. the bowl are clean. Also check that the central element can move around. The lid open/close handle is not Check that the open/close handle is completely open. correctly positioned. The metal plate and/or the tightening Check that the nut is fully tightened and that the notches on the rotating screw are not properly installed or fully inner part of the lid are correctly aligned with the notches on the rim of the tightened. bowl and then try locking the lid closed. The nut must be fitted with the flat side facing the metal plate. The appliance does not The ball cover is not in place. Let the appliance cool completely and then remove the metal plate and depressurise. correctly position the ball cover (fixed in the lock position). The lid does not open The manometric rod is still in the high After ensuring that no more steam is released and that the appliance is once the steam is position. completely cold, insert a fine metal skewer into the hole located between the released. open handle and the silencing valve. Be careful of hot steam being released once the skewer is pushed in. When no more steam is released, try to open the appliance. The appliance does not Check that the seal, purple safety valve Clean your appliance by following the cleaning and maintenance instructions become pressurised. and manometric rod are clean. in this book. Check that the lid is locked and the Clean the manometric rod as instructed in the Cleaning and Maintenance marking is properly aligned with section. the closed padlock. Check that the manometric rod can move around and if it needs cleaning. The decompression ball is not Check that the ball is correctly positioned and that the cover is in the locked positioned correctly or dirty. position. Clean and dry the ball and its support. ERROR CODES Code 24: the pressure decreases while Add liquid to your recipe (water, stock or a liquid sauce) 50-100ml at a time pressure cooking. and re-start the recipe. Code 21 and 26: pressure fails to raise.

PROBLEMS POSSIBLES CAUSES SOLUTION Steam is released from The seal of the metal plate and/or the Clean the sides of the bowl and seal using a damp cloth. Do not use any the sides of the lid edges of the bowl are dirty. sharp instruments. during cooking (leaks). Wear, cuts and deformation of the seal. The seal must be changed at least every 3 years. Take your appliance to an Approved Service Centre. Bowl edges damaged. Take your appliance to an approved service centre. The nut for the metal plate was not Fully tighten the nut so the metal plate is correctly positioned. The nut must tightened enough. be fitted with the flat side facing the metal plate. Water flows behind the The condensation collector is not in Make sure that the condensation collector is properly positioned behind the appliance. position or is overflowing. appliance and that the flow channel is not blocked. The nut must be fitted with the flat side facing the metal plate. The safety valves and/or openings are Check that the bowl is not too full with food or that foods have been cooked obstructed. which expand (see Safety Instructions pages). The indicator is not The LED is no longer working or the lid Check that the appliance is fully locked. Take your appliance to an Approved flashing or does not is not completely locked. Service Centre if the problem continues. come on. The control panel does The appliance is not connected or is on Check that the power lead is connected both to the appliance and the mains. not light up. standby. Check that the appliance is not on standby by pressing the “OK” button. The appliance is damaged. Take your appliance to an Approved Service Centre. Condensation appears There is condensation on the lid. Let the appliance dry in fresh air for a few hours. on the indicator. The metal plate can The ball cover was not well positioned Unscrew the nut on the metal plate, then press the spring loaded not be removed, it is on the metal plate. screw spindle to release the metal plate. Check that the ball cover and blocked. decompression ball are correctly positioned and re-fit if necessary. 45

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