Tefal P4370767 Manual

Friday, October 20, 2017

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How to use your pressure cooker properly

Easy Difficult

Helpful hint A delightful new take on the traditional beef bourguignon.

Easy X4 15 min 3 min 4 min

Helpful hint Smart recipe: veg, meat and sauce cooked all in one go! X4 Helpful hint Fish, veg and sauce cooked all in one go!

Helpful hint For tender, soft carrots, cook for 2 min longer. Helpful hint You can use any kind of fish for this recipe.

Helpful hint To bypass the soaking stage, double the quantities of wheat, spelt and lentils, and leave out the beans and peas.

My meat cooked just the way I If you like your meat well cooked increase the cooking time to 30 min.

Helpful hint Use whichever vegetables you like for this recipe. Try using different coloured vegetables to brighten up this dish. Toasted flaked almonds add a nice texture.

Easy 13 min

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Helpful hint Cabbage is a leaf vegetable like spinach and watercress. It is very rich in folic acid and vitamin B9, and will be very easy to digest cooked this way.

Culinary culture The term «tajine» actually refers to the oven-proof earthenware pot with a conical lid in which the dish is cooked. This stew comes from North Africa.

Very easy X4 15 min 19 min 23 min Helpful hint You can recognise good-quality pork by its pale, firm flesh.

™I]ZXdjhXdjh^hXdd`ZYl^i]i]Z boiling, flavoured cooking juice. ™NdjXVcXgZViZY^[[ZgZci versions of this dish by changing the flavour of the butter. Parsley butter, lemon butter or even truffle butter are just some of the ideas you could try out throughout the year. My meat cooked just the way I ™>[ndja^`ZndjgaVbWlZaa done, extend the cooking time by 6 min.

Easy X4 20 min 6 min 6 min Very easy X4 15 min 10 min 10 min

io n Variat Viennese cream: Instead of lining the base of the tin with a layer of caramel, dissolve the caramel in the milk. Helpful hint Orange cream: You can also Replace the milk with orange make individual crème caramels in juice, the vanilla with the ramekins, but make zest of an orange and double sure you halve the cooking time. the quantity of eggs.

Artichokes (fresh), steam &-b^c steam )b^c )b^c immersion &*b^c artichoke hearts (frozen) (whole) Asparagus immersion *b^c steam )b^c )b^c Aubergines (3 mm) (thinly sliced and peeled) steam )b^c Beetroot, cut in quarters steam (%id)%b^c YZeZcY^c\dch^oZ Broccoli florets steam (b^c steam (b^c (b^c Brussels sprouts immersion ,b^c Carrots in round slices (3 mm) steam *b^c steam +b^c ,b^c immersion )b^c steam *b^c *b^c Cauliflower florets steam )b^c steam )b^c )b^c Celeriac (thinly sliced) steam ,b^c immersion *b^c Chicory, halved steam &+b^c Courgettes in round slices (3 mm) steam (b^c Fennel, cut into strips steam ,b^c Green beans (fine) steam +b^c steam ,b^c .b^c Green cabbage (thinly sliced) immersion -b^c Mushrooms (thinly sliced) immersion (b^c steam (b^c (b^c Spinach steam (b^c steam *b^c *b^c Swiss chard slices (1 cm) steam .b^c Turnips (diced) steam +b^c immersion )b^c Whole leeks (white part only) steam -b^c Steam: the ingredient is cooked in the steam basket with 750 ml of water in the bottom of the pan. Immersion: the ingredient is cooked in water.

Green peas steam (b^c steam (b^c (b^c Onions (Pearl) steam -b^c Peppers, halved steam ,b^c steam +b^c ,b^c Potatoes (Average-sized potatoes halved hiZVb &%b^c or large size potatoes quartered) immersion -b^c Pumpkin cut into pieces steam -b^c steam +b^c ,b^c Flageolets (small, young haricot beans) immersion (*b^c Green lentils immersion &*b^c Split peas immersion &,b^c Quantity )%%ba -%%ba &A of water 'Xjeh )Xjeh *Xjeh Quantity &'*\ '*%\ (,*\ of rice &Xje 'Xjeh (Xjeh

YdcdiXdd` YdcdiXdd` 8]^X`Zc&#(*`\ ',b^c '*b^c [gdb[gdoZc [gdb[gdoZc 9jX`a^c\&#*`\ '%b^c (%b^c &]g &]g&' )%b^c )*b^c &]g &]g*b^c ?d^cid[WZZ[&`\ bZY^jb bZY^jb bZY^jb bZY^jb YdcdiXdd` YdcdiXdd` ?d^cid[edg`&`\ (*b^c (+b^c [gdb[gdoZc [gdb[gdoZc YdcdiXdd` YdcdiXdd` AVbWh]Vc`h/'%#+*`\ZVX] &.b^c '(b^c [gdb[gdoZc [gdb[gdoZc *%b^c **b^c AZ\d[aVbW&#(`\ &]g&% &]g') bZY^jb bZY^jb Bdc`Äh]ÄaaZih%#+`\ (b^c )b^c +b^c ,b^c Edg`iZcYZgad^c &.b^c '(b^c (+b^c ))b^c FjV^ah/) *b^c +b^c &'b^c &*b^c HVabdchiZV`h/)%#+`\ )b^c )b^c +b^c ,b^c YdcdiXdd` YdcdiXdd` Hij[[ZYkZVaXjiaZih/) -b^c &%b^c [gdb[gdoZc [gdb[gdoZc IjcVhiZV`h/)%#+`\ +b^c ,b^c -b^c &%b^c