Frigidaire FLS26Z2GKW FLS26Z2GKB wiring

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

PERFORMANCE DATA service data sheet - 240389636 iCE MAKER INFORMATION NO LOAD AND NO DOOR OPENINGS AT MID-POINT CONTROL SETTING Type A with Run/Start Capacitor 65ºF (18ºC) Ambient 90ºF (32ºC) Ambient r134a Operating Time 32 to 40% 55 to 65% ICE & WATER - AUTOMATIC DEFROST Test Cycling Freezer Temperature 0º to 4ºF -1º to 3ºF SIDE BY SIDE MODELS Remove cover by inserting screwdriver in notch at bottom and -18º to -16ºC -18º to -16ºC prying cover from housing. Use screwdriver to rotate motor gear Refrigerator Temperature 34º to 39ºF 34º to 39ºF important safety notice counterclockwise until holding switch circuit is completed. All 1º to 4ºC 1º to 4ºC The information provided herein is designed to assist qualified components of ice maker should function to complete the cycle. Low Side Pressure (cut-in) 5 to 12 psig 5 to 12 psig 34 to 83 kPa 34 to 83 kPa repair personnel only. Untrained persons should not attempt to Low Side Pressure (cut-out) -2 to 2 psig -2 to 2 psig make repairs due to the possibility of electrical shock. Disconnect Water Fill Volume Water Fill -14 to 14 kPa -14 to 14 kPa power cord before servicing. Adjustment The water fill adjustment High Side Pressure 90 to 115 psig 130 to 155 psig (Last 1/3 of cycle) 621 to 793 kPa 896 to 1069 kPa important screw will change the Motor fill time. One full turn is Wattage (Last 1/3 of cycle) 120 to 150 130 to 160 If any green grounding wires are moved during servicing, they Gear equal to 20cc (.68 oz.). Amps (Running) 1.2 to 1.5 1.2 to 1.5 must be returned to their original position and properly se- TU The correct fill is 102 to Base Voltage 115 vac (127 vac max) 115 vac (127 vac max) cured. R Mounting 130cc (3.4 to 4.3 oz.). N Plate DEFROST SPECIFICATIONS Screws When a water valve is Thermostat Heater caution: All electrical parts and wiring must be replaced, the fill volume Cabinet Size must be checked. Cut-In Cut-Out Watts Ohms shielded from torch flame. Do not allow torch to contact 23’ & 26’ 25ºF 47ºF 450 30 insulation; it will char at 200°F and flash ignite (burn) at Mounting -4ºC 8ºC Plate 500°F. Excessive heat will distort the plastic liner. Screw Electronic Timer - (ADC) Defrost 24 minutes every 6 to 72 hours of compressor run time Timing Gear CONDENSER FAN MOTOR Watts RPM Amps NOTE: This product comes equipped with an Electronic 3.1 (Energy Star - Some models) 1100 CW Opposite Shaft .03 Running Defrost Control. To initiate defrost, depress the fresh food light switch 5 times in 6 seconds (light bulb must be working). To 8.0 2550 CW Opposite Shaft .07 Running terminate defrost, depress the fresh food light switch 5 times ICE MAKER SPECIFICATIONS in 6 seconds. LINE POWER NEUT RAL Electrical 115 vac (127 vac max) 60 Hertz ICE MA KER BLK Thermostat Opens at 48ºF (9ºC) Closes at 15ºF (-9ºC) YEL B LK BRN ICE MAKER Heater Wattage 165 P-3 THER MAL CUT-OUT ICE MAKER PLUG CONNECTIONS MOTOR Wire Number Wire Color Connect to: BLK HO LD 1 Green/Yellow Ground ICE MAKER SW ITCH YEL P-4 2 Yellow Water Valve RED YEL T HERMOSTAT WATER VALVE REd 3 Black Line BLK BLU 4 Lt. Blue Neutral GRN / yEL MOLD HEATER SHUT-OF F LT. BLU SWITCH GRN / yEL LT. BLU P-1 P-2 MOL D MOUN TING WATER FILL PLATE S WITCH ICE MAKER