Toshiba D-VR4SU Specifications

Thursday, May 4, 2017

DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER D-VR4 K E Y F E AT U R E S • Multi-Drive Playback and Recording • MP3 and WMA Playback • Front Panel A/V & S-Video Inputs • DVD-RAM/DVD-R/DVD-RW Compatibility • 24-Bit/192kHz Audio D/A Converter • 4 Recording Modes (1 hr/2 hr/4 hr/6 hr) • 4-Head/19-Micron Hi-Fi Stereo • 3-D Virtual Surround Sound • Chase Play with DVD-RAM VHS Playback • Optical TosLink® and Coaxial • Digital Cinema Progressive Scan (DVD only) Digital Audio Outputs • ColorStream Pro® Component Video Output (DVD only) • Bi-Direction Dubbing (DVD to VHS/VHS to DVD) • JPEG Viewer A DVA N TAG E TO S H I BA >> Combines the versatility of a DVD recorder with a full-featured Hi-Fi VCR to offer the convenience of bi-directional dubbing >> Toshiba Multi-Drive DVD Recorders allows users to record and playback their favorite videos in stunning MPEG-2 digital video on either a DVD-RAM, DVD-R or DVD-RW formatted discs >> Preset recording modes for DVD: XP (1hr), SP (2hr), LP (4hr), EP (6hr) >> ColorStream Pro® Progressive Scan Component Video Outputs compatible with today's finest analog and digital televisions for delivery of stunningly colorful images >> Front and Rear A/V Inputs with S-Video and RF Input for dubbing content from multiple sources

D-VR4 TECHNOLOGY & BENEFITS S P E C I F I C AT I O N S DVD Disc Qty 1 Disc Play DVD-Video/CD/CD-R/CD-RW DVD-R/DVD-RAM/DVD-RW* Disc Record DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW VIDEO Video D/A 10-Bit/54MHz DVD VIDEO >> Multi-Drive Recorder - This DVD recorder is designed to Component Video Output ColorStream Pro® Progressive Scan provide the greatest flexibility in recording and playback by supporting DVD-RAM, DVD-R, and DVD-RW recordable disc 3:2 Pulldown Digital Cinema Progressive formats. The right format for every application: Resolution 500+ Lines · DVD-RAM is the most flexible of the recordable disc formats 125-Channel Tuner x when it comes to recording, editing and playback. Even more, Chase Play x re-record content approximately 100,000 times! · DVD-R is a write-once format perfect for sharing treasured video JPEG Viewer x moments with virtually anyone who has a DVD-Video player. Fast Scan, Slow Motion x · DVD-RW* can rewrite content up to 1000 times and playback in a Audio D/A 24-bit/192kHz AUDIO wide variety of computer drives and DVD-Video players Dolby® Digital/DTS® Compatible x >> ColorStream Pro® Component Video Outputs - These outputs MP3 and WMA Playback x allow the highest quality video signal to be sent from the DVD player to a component video equipped progressive scan TV. When Virtual Surround Sound 3-D this connection is utilized with today's HD-compatible sets, typical Video Heads 4 NTSC artifacts-like video noise, dot crawl, and flicker-are virtually VCR Record Speeds SP/LP eliminated, resulting in a low-noise, highly detailed picture with unequaled color purity. SQPB x >> Digital Cinema Progressive (3/2 Pulldown) - Delivers the Hi-Fi VHS Stereo x smoothest, most film-like images to any progressive scan television, MTS/SAP Tuner x such as an HD-compatible one, and ensures maximum resolution. Auto Clock, Daylight Savings Time Adjust x CONVENIENCE Time Zone Adjust x Bi-Direction Dubbing x On-Screen Keyboard x Auto Channel Setup x AUDIO Parental Lock x >> WMA & MP3 Playback - Recordable Compact Discs (CD-R Remote Control Unified System & CD-RW) with music stored in either the Windows Media™ Audio Outputs (rear panel) or MP3 file formats can be enjoyed. Y/Pr/Pb 1 set S-Video 1 RCA-Video 1 L-R Audio (pair) 1 CONVENIENCE Optical Coaxial and TosLink® Digital Audio Output 1/1 TERMINALS >> Bi-Direction Dubbing - A convenient way to transfer content from RF 1 (w/RF Modulator) a VHS tape to DVD or DVD content to VHS. Dubbing from VHS to DVD provides the capability of transferring the entire tape from the Inputs unit’s front panel or remote control. S-Video 1 front >> Chase Play - Chase Play allows the user to begin watching a RCA-Video 1 front & 1 rear recording that is already in progress from the beginning while it continues to record to the end. L-R Audio (pair) 1 front & 1 rear >> Front Panel A/V & S-Video Inputs - There are composite audio & RF 1 rear video inputs, as well as S-Video input on the front panel of the unit Dimension (WHD) 17" x 3-1/2" x 12-1/4" for easy camcorder dubbing. Carton Dimension 20-1/2" x 6-7/8" x17" UPC Code 022265411704 *CD-R/CD-RW discs recorded by CD-DA method can be played back. Some CD-R/CD-RW discs may be incompatible due to laser pick-up and disc design. DVD-R discs recorded by DVD Video method can be played. Some DVD-R discs may be incompatible due to laser pick-up and disc design. WMA, MP3 and JPEG discs may be incompatible due to different recording format or condition of disc. Customer Service: 800.631.3811 Marketing Communications © Toshiba America Consumer Products, LLC 82 Totowa Road, Wayne, NJ 07470 (2005). All Rights Reserved (09/05.03) Dolby is a registered trademark of Dolby Laboratories. DTS is a registered trademark of Digital Theater Systems. VCR Plus+ is a registered trademark of Gemstar Development Corporation. TosLink is a registered trademark of Toshiba Corporation. ColorStream is a registered trademark of Toshiba America Consumer Products. Product design and specification subject to change or modification without notice.