Toshiba 62HMX84 Specifications

Thursday, May 4, 2017

62” DIAGONAL CINEMA SERIES ® HD MONITOR DLP ™ 62HMX84 Optional Stand Sold Separately K E Y F E AT U R E S • HD Monitor DLP™Projection Television with • SRS® WOW and Virtual • Radiance™ High Output DC Lamp, Instant Dual HDMI™ Inputs Dolby® Restart and High Brightness/Low Power Modes • TALEN™ (Toshiba Advanced Light Engine) • Separate Woofers and • 6-Item A/V Illuminated Remote with DVD & DLP Engine Tweeters Audio Control • HD2+ DLP™ Chip with Full 1280 x 720 • StableSound® • HD Window™ POP with Split Screen and Mirrors with Filled Vias • 40-Watts Total Wattage 12 MultiWindows • Toshiba PixelPure™ Proprietary Digital Video • Tri-Lingual Color Icon On-Screen Display Processing • Off/Sleep Timer • Double-Speed 9-Bit System w/ Enhanced Algorithms for Video Noise Elimination • TheaterFine™ DFP (Digital Fine Pitch) Screen with Anti-Glare Coating • CableClear™ DNR+ (by Input) A DVA N TAG E TO S H I BA >> Toshiba Advanced Light Engine (TALEN™) is proprietary light engine technology, designed and built by Toshiba, for Toshiba. TALEN™ utilizes advanced optics, and the step-up TI™ HD2+ DLP™ chip, to create unparalleled picture quality. >> PixelPure™ is a suite of 8 different digital video processing circuits that combine to create a consistently clearer, deeper and more accurate picture. PixelPure™ is the key to Toshiba's fixed pixel picture quality; it is the processing that makes the picture. >> TheaterFine™ DFP Screen helps create crisp HD resolution with its super fine pitch screen. It also has an Anti-Glare Coating to reduce unwanted reflections from ambient room light, which helps increase contrast for deeper blacks. >> High Output 120 Watt DC Lamp employs 2 user-friendly features. The first feature is a 120-Watt High Brightness mode for daytime use with ambient room light and 100-Watt mode for nighttime in a dark room, which also extends the lamp life. This Lamp also has a unique Instant Restart feature, allowing the TV to be turned on immediately after shutdown, unlike other Lamp based TVs.

62HMX84 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Screen Size 62” Diagonal V-Chip X TALEN™ (Toshiba Advanced Light Engine) DLP Engine X VIDEO Channel Return X CONVENIENCE Step-up HD2+ DLP™ Chip X Power Return X Larger .8" Chip for Increased Brightness X Noise Muting X Full 1280 x 720 Mirrors for Enhanced Sharpness X Favorite Channel X Filled-in Mirror Vias for Increased Contrast X Channel Lock X Double-Speed 9-Bit System w/ Enhanced Algorithms Channel Labeling X for Video Noise Elimination X Video Lock X Toshiba PixelPure™ X Direct Video Input Selection X Radiance™ - High-Output DC Lamp X On Timer X Instant Restart X Video Labeling X High Brightness (Day) / Low Power (Night) Lamp Modes X Individual A/V Settings by Input Type X TheaterFine™ DFP Screen (Digital Fine Pitch) X Discrete IR Codes X Super-Fine Screen Pitch X PIP Sound X Anti-Glare Coating X 2-Level Mute X First Surface Mirror X SurfLock™ X TERMINALS CableClear™ DNR+ (By Input) X Inputs HD Dynamic Contrast X RF Inputs 2 3DYC (4 MB, 10 Bit) Digital Comb Filter X Rear A/V Input 2 with Vertical Contour Correction X Rear S-Video Input 2 Color Temperature Control (Warm/Medium/Cool) X ColorStream® HD Component Video Inputs (Y, Pb, Pr) 2 Black Level Expander X Front Panel A/V Inputs A/V/S Movie & Sports Modes X HDMI™ Digital Input (s) 2 Auto Aspect Detection X Outputs TheaterWide® Modes Video Output X (5 - Standard, Full, TW1, TW2, TW3) X Audio Outputs F+V Cinema Mode (Film/Video) X OTHER Thin Depth/Low Profile Tabletop Cabinet X MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx® AUDIO X Color Silver with Black Bezel, Acrylic Cover & Aluminum Panel StableSound® X W x H x D (in inches) 67-1/16 X 41-15/16 X 18-3/16 SRS® WOW (3D, Tru-Bass, Focus) X Weight 105 lbs Virtual Dolby® (SRS Tru-Surround) X UPC 022265262153 Separate Woofers & Tweeters X Audio Wattage (Total) 40W Universal Remote Control 6-Item A/V Illuminated CONVENIENCE with DVD & Audio Control HD Window™ POP X Split Screen X MultiWindow (12) X Tri-Lingual Color Icon On-Screen Display X Off/Sleep Timer X Closed Captioning on Mute X Customer Service: 800.631.3811 Marketing Communications © Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. 82 Totowa Road, Wayne, NJ 07470 (2004). All Rights Reserved (06/04.01) SRS and WOW are registered trademarks of SRS Labs, Inc. dbx is a registered trademark of Carillon Electronics Corporation. TheaterWide, StableSound and ColorStream are registered trademarks of Toshiba America Consumer Products. Radiance, OmniViewer, TALEN, PixelPure, HD Window, CrystalScan HDSC, CableClear, TheaterNet, TheaterLink, and TheaterFine are trademarks of Toshiba America Consumer Products. HDMI is a trademark of HDMI Licensing L.L.C. DLP is a trademark of Texas Instruments Inc. Product design and specification subject to change or modification without notice. All television pictures are simulated and are for illustrative purposes only.