Burris Droptine Riflescope Manual

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 1 DROPT INE ® RI F LE SCOPE S User Guide This user guide includes information for the entire Droptine riflescope line. Please review thoroughly and pay close attention to the details pertaining to your specific riflescope model.

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 2 Congratulations on purchasing a Burris® Droptine™ riflescope! The Droptine is an easy-to-use, rugged hunting riflescope designed to help you bring home big game for years to come. Backed by the legendary Burris Forever Warranty, you will enjoy the following features of your Droptine riflescope: • Field Proven Reticle Technology. The Ballistic Plex reticle is one of the most simple, effective, and elegant trajectory compensating reticles on the market, while the advanced G2B Mil-Dot reticle provides precise aiming and distance measurement capabilities for those who prefer a mil-dot style reticle. • Low Profile Adjustment Knobs. The finger- adjustable, low profile adjustment knobs create a sleek profile. Turret indications always reflect a change in the point of impact, resulting in pinpoint accuracy. • High Performance Glass. Provides excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability – exactly what you expect from Burris. • Hi-Lume® Multi-Coated Lenses. Enhanced low-light performance and glare elimination, making more shots possible and increasing your success rate. 2 1

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 3 How To Use Your Droptine Riflescope Eyepiece Focusing The eyepiece can be focused so that the reticle appears sharp and black. Follow this procedure to quickly adjust the focus: 1. Point the scope at the sky or a plain wall and take a quick glance through the scope. If the reticle appears sharp and black, no further adjustment is necessary. 2. If the reticle does not appear sharp and black, take quick glances through the scope while rotating the focus ring until the reticle pattern is sharp and black. NOTE: Do not look through the eyepiece as you turn the focus ring. Your eyes will adjust to the out-of-focus condition. Parallax/Focus Adjustment – Not available on all models – Parallax is the apparent movement of the reticle in relation to the target when the eye is not directly in line behind the center of the scope. Images from different distances focus in front of or behind the scope’s reticle. Parallax is more noticeable with higher magnification scopes. Parallax is adjusted by rotating the parallax adjustment ring located on the objective bell. When the scope is set parallax-free for the distance you are viewing, you should be able to move your head side- to-side or up and down without seeing the reticle move appreciably in relation to the target. 2

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 4 Windage/Elevation Adjustment The low profile adjustment knobs feature a finger adjustment for both windage and elevation. Once you have successfully zeroed your scope, you can reset the zero on your dials with these simple steps: 1) With turret caps removed, grip knob top firmly to keep knob from turning. 2) Put pen or other small object into the small hole located on the dial. 3) Keeping firm grip on the knob, use the pen to turn the dial back to zero, lining up the number zero with the white indi- cator dot. Only the numbered dial should move – do not allow the entire knob to move or else you will alter your windage and elevation zero settings. NOTE: You do not have to reset the zero on your dials for your scope to function properly. Doing so can give you peace of mind that your zero is set, plus you can easily confirm if it has moved at any time, but this step is optional. 3

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 5 Mounting the Scope Droptine riflescopes require 1” rings. We recommend using high-quality rings and bases, like Burris Zee Rings or Signature Rings and Trumount Universal or XTB bases. Quality components ensure that your scope will remain safely and securely mounted, and will provide the maximum accuracy. Use care when mounting your scope as damage can be caused by improper mounting. Care & Maintenance Droptine riflescopes are fully waterproof and fogproof. In the event that the lenses are subjected to dust, dirt or mud, follow these steps to clean and protect the lens surface. Failure to remove grit before final cleaning is sure to damage lens coatings. Coarse dirt/debris must be removed from the lens surface. The most convenient way to clean a lens surface is to use a Lens Pen. Position the scope so particles will fall away from the lens, and then use the Lens Pen or soft brush to gently whisk away the debris while blowing on the lens to dislodge the particles. For heavy dirt, like dried mud, use a spray of clean water or lens cleaning fluid to remove the dirt. Your Burris riflescope will provide a reliable performance given reasonable care and treatment. All moving assemblies are permanently lubricated. Only occasional cleaning of the outside of the scope and the exterior lenses is required. Never disassemble your scope. Disassembly by anyone other than our factory will void the warranty. If you have any other problems with your riflescope, contact Burris Customer Service. 4

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 6 Droptine Riflescope Reticles Ballistic Plex The Ballistic Plex reticle is a copyrighted Burris design on the lower vertical crosshair that compensates for bullet drop. The Ballistic Plex reticle is set to provide precise aiming from 100 yards to 500 yards for many of the most common hunting cartridges. Examples of the actual bullet path for many of the most popular cartridges are available for download on our website at www.burrisoptics.com. The Ballistic Plex reticle is extremely useful regardless of the cartridge you choose to shoot. Some Droptine models are configured for a specific load, such as .22 LR, Sabot or Slug Gun loads, but each ballistic line represents some exact yardage for whatever cartridge you shoot. It only takes a simple trip to a long-distance shooting range to make your own yardage chart to correspond to each ballistic line for your cartridge. Federal Prem Vital-Shok Federal Prem Hydra-Shok 12 ga. 2 3/4” Barnes Expndr 12 ga. 2” Sabot Hollow Pt 3/4 oz @ 1900 fps 1 oz @ 1550 fps Bullet Impact Bullet Impact at Noted Yardage at Noted Yardage “–” = Low “–” = Low “+” = High “+” = High 0 100 100 +1 0 125 125 0 -1 175 150 0 0 200 175 0 0 250 200 0 Slug Gun – 100 Yard Zero 5

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 7 Federal Prem Hydra-Shok Rem. Premier Copper 12 ga. 2 3/4” Sabot Hollow Pt 12 ga. 2 3/4” Solid Sabot 1 oz @ 1450 fps 1 oz @ 1550 fps Bullet Impact Bullet Impact at Noted Yardage at Noted Yardage “–” = Low “–” = Low “+” = High “+” = High +1 75 75 +.5 0 100 100 +.7 0 125 150 0 0 150 175 0 0 175 200 0 Slug Gun – 75 Yard Zero .50 Cal Muzz 300gr .50 Cal Muzz 300gr Barnes/Knight Red Hot Shockwave/Hornady SST Sabot @ 1904 fps @ 2130 fps Bullet Impact Bullet Impact at Noted Yardage at Noted Yardage “–” = Low “–” = Low “+” = High “+” = High 0 75 100 0 +.6 100 150 +1 +1 125 200 0 0 150 250 0 -2 175 300 +1 Sabot CCI Mini Mag Rem Golden Bullet/Thunderbolt 40 gr 40 gr 1235 fps 1255 fps Bullet Impact Bullet Impact at Noted Yardage at Noted Yardage “–” = Low “–” = Low “+” = High “+” = High 0 50 50 0 -1 75 75 -1 -1 100 100 -1 -2 125 125 -2 -3 150 150 -3 22 LR CCI Velocitor Rem Viper 6 gr 36 gr 1435 fps 1410 fps Bullet Impact Bullet Impact at Noted Yardage at Noted Yardage “–” = Low “–” = Low “+” = High “+” = High 0 50 50 0 0 75 75 0 0 100 100 0 0 125 125 0 -1 150 150 0 22 LR 6

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 8 Simple to Use 1. Sight-in exactly at 100 yards or 200 yards depending on your cartridge and bullet selection. 2. Set your scope to the highest magnification. 3. Determine the bullet path of your cartridge at the climatic conditions you will be shooting. We highly recommend actual firing at each 100-yard increment for best accuracy. Record the results of your rifle/ cartridge combination for future reference. 4. Determine the distance to your target and select the corresponding ballistic line. Slight holdover or under may be necessary to handle in-between yardages. Practice Makes Perfect The Ballistic Plex is much more accurate than guessing holdover and faster and more reassuring to most shooters than using target-type adjustments. The nature of ballistics is such that everything is theoretical and if any one of the variables change (altitude, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, bullet design, barrel length, chamber fit, seating depth, etc.) so does the ballistic performance. For maximum accuracy, practice at long ranges under similar conditions to those which you will experience in the field. Technical Tip For maximum accuracy at long ranges, instead of sighting in at 100 yards using the center of the reticle, sight in at a longer range such as 400 yards using the 400-yard ballistic line. This will decrease the amount of long-range error that can occur under various environmental conditions, or when slightly under estimating point-of-impact at shorter ranges. 7

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 9 Shoot Responsibly Long-range shooting is extremely challenging and can be very rewarding. But along with it comes tremendous responsibility, especially when hunting. To ensure you take ethical shots at longer ranges, it is essential to know the yardage to an animal and your wind conditions. For these reasons, we strongly encourage that you practice to determine your own shooting capabilities and do not shoot beyond them in the field. Ballistics Reference Sources Perry-Systems ExBal Ballistic Software: www.perry-systems.com Barnes Bullets: www.barnesbullets.com RCBS : www.rcbs.com Sierra Bullets: www.sierrabullets.com Nosler – www.nosler.com Hornady – www.hornady.com Speer – www.speer-bullets.com Lee Precision, Inc. – www.leeprecision.com Due to the extensive tooling cost of developing the reticles in this line, we are unable to accommodate requests for customized reticles for specific cartridges. 8

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 10 Ballistic Plex™ The Ballistic Plex is the most simple, effective, and elegant trajectory-compensating reticle. It’s quick and easy to use, and can be matched to any caliber or bullet weight for long-range accuracy. Bullet Path Bullet Path Yards Yards MOA MOA 100 0 0 200 0 0 200 3.1 1.6 300 4.7 1.4 300 13.5 4.3 400 18 4.3 400 30.1 7.2 500 37.6 7.2 500 55.3 10.5 600 66.4 10.5 Reticle Subtensions (in MOA) Low Mag High Mag Model A B W A B W 2-7x35 1.1 3.0 26 39 1.06 9.1 3-9x40 .86 2.3 20 .31 .83 7.1 3-9x50 .82 2.2 19 .29 .79 6.8 4.5-14x42 .58 1.6 19 .19 .52 6.2 9

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 11 G2B Mil Dot Reticle *Subtensions shown for High Power Magnification. The G2B Mil-Dot Reticle is a mil-based reticle with hash marks in between the mil dots for more precise aiming, distance measurement, holdover and hold-off for wind. It is a versatile reticle that is ideal for mid- to long-range shooting. Reticle Subtensions Units A B C D E F G H mRad 10 0.5 0.5 0.2 0.06 .5 1 0.06 in/100 yd. 36 1.8 1.8 0.72 .22 1.8 3.6 .22 cm/100 m 100 5.0 5.0 2 0.6 5 10 0.6 Units J K L mRad 0.06 5 2 in/100 yd. .22 18 7.2 cm/100 m 0.6 50 20 10

Droptine USER GUIDE_Layout 1 7/24/15 2:00 PM Page 12 Warranty This Droptine line of riflescopes is covered by the Burris Forever Warranty™ Thank you for choosing Burris. You can be confident that the optic you purchased is built to the most exacting standards. You can count on Burris to perform every time you use it. We’re so confident in the craftsmanship of our products that we back them with a no questions asked Forever Warranty. We will repair or replace your Burris optic if it is damaged or defective. The warranty is automatically transferred to future owners. • No repair or replacement charge • No warranty card needed • No receipt needed • No questions asked Burris Company 331 East 8th St., Greeley, CO 80631 (970) 356-1670 BurrisOptics.com Facebook.com/BurrisOptics INSTR-9004