Freefly MIMIC Beta Manual

Sunday, August 13, 2017

[ B E TA ] M A N U A L

QUICK START The MIMIC Beta includes handlebars with the MIMIC installed, an accessory mount, a USB battery, and a Freefly Receiver. To get started with the MIMIC, follow these steps: 1. Install the Freefly Receiver. 2. Configure your MōVI. 3. Power on the MIMIC. 4. Get the shot! FREEFLY RECEIVER INSTALLATION For detailed instructions on installing the included Freefly Receiver, please reference page 11 in the MōVI Controller Manual, found HERE. MōVI CONFIGURATION Any MōVI can be configured for use with the MIMIC Beta. The MōVI must have firmware version 4.02 or later. In addition, the MIMIC Beta requires using the Windows MōVI App v3.10 or later, the Mac OS X MōVI App v1.63 or later, or the Android MōVI App v1.63 or later. The latest MōVI firmware, MōVI App, release notes, and update instructions are available HERE. Once running firmware v4.02 or later, change the MōVI Radio Type from the default type (DSMX 2048) to MōVI Controller. This can be done from the MōVI App (available on Windows, Mac OS X, Android) in the Remote Controller Config menu. The values of the other settings in this menu (Map Remote Mode, etc.) do not matter for this Radio Type and can be left at their default settings. MIMIC Mode currently works with the MōVI Gimbal Application setting set to Handheld. This setting is found under the General menu. After installing the Freefly Receiver and configuring the MōVI Radio Type, the MIMIC can send commands to the MōVI. POWERING MIMIC To power on the MIMIC, plug in the attached USB cable into a 5V USB power source. We have provided a small USB battery with the MIMIC Beta kit. As soon as power is supplied via the USB cable, the MIMIC will power on. NOTE: When powering on the MIMIC, make sure the Pan Freeze button is not pressed. To charge the USB battery, plug the included charge cable into the Micro-USB charge port on the USB battery, then plug the cable into a USB outlet.

PAN FREEZE The button located next to the right handlebar grip is the Pan Freeze button. The Pan Freeze button allows you to reorient the MIMIC with respect to the MōVI’s position. To use the Pan Freeze feature, press and hold the Pan Freeze button and pan the MIMIC. While the button is pressed, the MōVI’s pan axis stays locked regardless of any MIMIC pan movements. Once the button is released, the MIMIC will transmit pan movements to the MōVI, but from a new base orientation. NOTE: The Pan Freeze feature does not work if Heading Assist Mode is on. NOTE: Do not press the Pan Freeze button while the MIMIC is initializing. Doing so will require a power cycle of the MIMIC. BINDING MIMIC The MIMIC comes pre-bound to the Freefly Receiver included in the MIMIC Beta package. If you would like to bind to a different receiver, complete the following steps. 1. Ensure both the MIMIC Transmitter and Freefly Receiver are set to the same channel. The channel is set by a small dial located on the transmitter and receiver. 2. Ensure the Freefly Receiver is installed on the MōVI properly. 3. Power on both the MIMIC and the MōVI. 4. Ensure both the MIMIC Transmitter and Freefly Receiver’s status LED are illuminated, indicating both have power. 5. Press the Bind button on the Freefly Receiver. Hold for 2-3 seconds before releasing it. 6. Wait for the Receiver’s status LED to slowly flash orange. This indicates it found a transmitter. 7. Press and hold the Bind button on the MIMIC Transmitter until the status LED turns orange. 8. Once successful, the lights on both the MIMIC Transmitter and Freefly Receiver will turn green. If the bind process fails, repeat steps 4-7.

MIMIC MODES There are 4 different MIMIC modes. The modes can be changed in the MōVI App under the Remote Operator Config menu. DIRECT Direct Mode provides the most responsive control between the MIMIC and a MōVI. However the MIMIC moves, the MōVI will respond as quickly as possible on the corresponding axes. LEVEL ROLL Level Roll Mode provides a responsiveness similar to Direct Mode, but maintains a level roll attitude at all times. MAJESTIC PAN In this mode, the amount of smoothing applied to the MōVI’s pan axis is determined by the Pan Smoothing parameter in the Majestic Config menu. The degree of movement required before the MōVI follows the MIMIC's pan movement is configured by the Pan Window parameter in the Majestic Config menu. Control of tilt is direct, as smoothing is not applied. The roll axis is held level. MAJESTIC PAN AND TILT In this mode, the amount of smoothing applied to the MōVI’s pan and tilt axes is determined by the Pan and Tilt Smoothing parameters in the Majestic Config menu. The degree of movement

required before the MōVI follows the MIMIC's pan and tilt movements is configured by the Pan and Tilt Window parameters in the Majestic Config menu. The roll axis is held level. COMPASS HEADING ASSIST Over time, the MōVI’s pan axis can drift in relation to the MIMIC’s position and eventually become out of alignment. This can be resolved by using Compass Heading Assist. Both the MōVI and MIMIC require compass calibrations in order for Compass Heading Assist to function properly. To perform a compass calibration on either the MōVI or MIMIC, use the MōVI App. For the MōVI, select System menu, then Compass Calibration and open the terminal to follow the text instructions. For the MIMIC, select the Start Compass Cal setting under the General menu, and click the right arrow to initiate it. Open the terminal and follow the text instructions. Once the MIMIC and the MōVI compass calibrations are complete, change Heading Assist to Compass for the MōVI in the Expert menu, and MIMIC in the General menu. NOTE: When Compass Heading Assist is enabled, the Pan Freeze button will not function.